Lisbon Zoo celebrates 130 years

Lisbon's zoo, the first to open in the Iberian Peninsula, turns 130 years old today, 28th of May, 2014!

It was on this day, 28 May 1884, that the zoo, which now has one of the highest reproduction rates in Europe, first opened to the public.

Located in the center of the city for 130 years, the Lisbon Zoo is an important park where education and amusement is encouraged.

The Zoo has one of the best zoological collections in the world (almost 2000 animals of 300 species) and offers a whole set of attractions where our visitors can have a lot of funny and relaxing moments, but, above all, they leave with the sense of a day well spent.

The main attractions are: Dolphins Bay, Rainbow Park, Cable Car, Reptile House, Children's Farm, Sea-Lions Feeding and Presentation of Birds and Reptiles - all in a Single Ticket! 

To mark the day, the zoo will be offering free entry to anyone who shares its birthday, along with visitor number 130.

Please check here for
opening times and entry costs.

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