Ready for another edition of 10 Fest Azores?

10 Fest Azores – 10 days, 10 chefs will be a landmark event for all who have the opportunity to visit the Anfiteatro Restaurant between the 19th and 28th of june. During 10 days, 10 chefs will prepare 10 different dinners.

After the success of the first two editions, this gastronomy festival has asserted itself both locally and across borders, and is now among the most relevant in Portugal. Once more the Azores will host, distinguished chefs, sommeliers and barmen from Portugal and various countries both European and North American. For the first time in the history of the festival, more than half of the dinners will be prepared by international Chefs.

It will be a once in a lifetime experience to taste the Azores in 10 extraordinary dinners, prepared by Chefs from Portugal, Spain, France, England, Denmark, USA and Canada.
10 Fest Azores – 10 days, 10 chefs, is an outstanding event that synthesizes the Schools vision for Azorean gastronomy in the XXI century, and it’s relevance to the Region’s tourism. We believe it is essential to give more importance to the enhancement of our products and flavors in a contemporary perspective.

It is in a festive atmosphere that employees and students engage all their dedication and enthusiasm  in an event that is the culmination of the year long team effort of the Anfiteatro Restaurant/Lounge, the School’s training facility.

10 Fest Azores – 10 days, 10 chefs is already a significant part of the training course for the students, concluding an intense and demanding school year, of class participation and project work which the students have been involved.

The EFTH (Escola de Formação Turística e Hoteleira) is now a reference in the Azores, with the School’s  strong investment in youth training and continuing education of current professionals, and has established relevant national and international partnerships, bringing a unique dynamic to the archipelago, with thousands of hours of training in different areas, taught by some of the best Portuguese professionals.

In addition, the School has also developed numerous activities such as workshops, consultancies and gastronomic events in almost all the islands of the archipelago, a collaborative effort with several  organizations and business associations.

The EFTH is also a strategic partner in promoting the region, having performed in recent years several projects in Portugal and abroad in close cooperation with the Azores Tourism and SATA.

The School aims to continue to lead a movement to bring a modern approach to the Azorean gastronomy, through the involvement of youth, professionals and companies in innovation.

10 Fest Azores 2013 - 10 days, 10 chefs. To taste and enjoy!

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Source: Turismo dos Açores

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