From 4th to 6th of July, don´t miss the NOS Air Race Championship in Cascais

In the coming days 4th, 5th and 6th July, Cascais will host the NOS Air Race Championship. 
Portugal was chosen to host the inaugural championship, based on the unquestionable beauty of Cascais Bay with its exceptional weather conditions. The inaugural event of the NOS Air Race Championship will serve as the launch pad for a championship which will continue at an international level, with aircraft to compete in a prestigious European circuit and later a worldwide one. 
With multiple aircraft simultaneously flying and piloted by an international group of elite aviators, the NOS Air Race Championship is an event which combines competitiveness, the massive audience and prime location, resulting in a thrilling spectacle.
The Air Race will take place over the Cascais Bay and the Estoril coastline, one of the most prestigious and glamorous location in Portugal. There will additionally be excitement and activity at the Paddock, located at the Cascais Municipal Aerodrome.
The circuit will feature 6 inflatable pylons, located obayn rafts, which will define the racecourse, allowing the aircraft to compete within a clearly designated circuit.
The competition will be comprised of two classes of aircraft – Vintage and Extreme -, each with 8 international pilots at the controls. Throughout the weekend, there will be a series of qualifying events, culminating in the competitors lining up in the starting grid, Reno style; their starting position defined as a result of their qualifying times.
The NOS Air Race Championship will combine the best of the greatest international races, in a unique event where the sound of an aircraft to fly at 350 km / h and 30 meters above sea level, surpass your expectations, giving the public the opportunity to see a live air race that combines competition and acrobatics.


Portugal: Beaches

Praia de Porto de Mós ©John Copland
Covering more than 850km, the Portuguese coast boasts such a large number of fine, white sandy beaches that it’s almost impossible to keep count. All bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and all different, their beauty is hard to describe, so there’s nothing better than to discover them for yourself.
The most famous are in the Algarve. With three thousand hours of sun per year and warm waters, there are beaches along its 200km length to suit every taste and many dreamlike resorts. The choices are many, from sandy stretches extending as far as the eye can see to the smaller coves, sheltered by jagged cliffs, the trade image of the region, and they are always accompanied by a clear, calm sea which is ideal for practising various water sports.

Sagres, on the southwestern tip of the European continent, marks the transition. It is situated on the Vicentina Coast which forms, together with Southwestern Alentejo, one of the best preserved stretches of the European coastline. There are deserted beaches here, of a wild beauty, where you can enjoy an unparalleled contact with Nature. And near Sines a stretch of sand starts that extends for over 60km to end in Troia, a challenge for trekking buffs!

In Costa da Caparica, the beaches are particularly dear to Lisbonites who have many different options around the capital for sun and sea bathing. There’s a wide variety from the Estoril coastline, with its cosmopolitan feel and signs of a golden age when it was the refuge of Kings and aristocrats, to the secluded beaches of the idyllic area of Sintra. And the sea offers perfect waves for surfing, whose ultimate expression is to be found further north on the Ericeira, Peniche and Nazaré beaches.

In the centre, you will find very wide sandy stretches, to which traditional fishing adds a picturesque touch. And further north, the colder waters and the invigorating sea are tempered by the welcoming atmosphere and the clean air of the mountains and the forests. And don’t forget the islands. In the Madeira archipelago, the highlight is the long, golden sandy beach of the Island of Porto Santo with its therapeutic properties, and in the Azores you will find black sand of volcanic origin, framed by every shade of green, typical of a well preserved environment.

Despite all their differences, they all share one thing: quality. They are safe and offer a wide range of support and recreational services, which meet every need of their users, and a large number of Portuguese beaches are granted the European blue flag every year, a distinction that is an indication of their excellent conditions.

Another distinction that many of our beaches take pride in displaying is that of accessible beach. That is how those with access for persons with reduced mobility are identified, many of which actually offer equipment to allow everyone to enjoy bathing in the sea.

But the beach attractions in Portugal are not restricted to the bathing season. All year round, they are the ideal places for a stroll, for sports, for admiring nature or tasting the delicious Portuguese cuisine, in which the best fish in the world and the seafood have pride of place, always with breath-taking views over the sea. Could there be a better programme?

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New "World of Discoveries", Interactive Museum and Theme Park in Porto

Situated in Porto, the new "World of Discoveries" is an Interactive Museum and Theme Park that recreates the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators, crossing oceans to discover an unknown world.

At the "World of Discoveries" the multimedia content provides a multi-sensorial experience. Some of the technological features as 4D Globes and Fog Screens are completely unprecedented in the country.

For the first time in Portugal, as happens with the world renowned "Pirates of the Caribbean”, "World of Discoveries"  tells stories based on meticulously prepared life-size scenarios that are built in a creative way, inviting the visitor to travel in time.

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Porto’s São João 2014

Celebrate the feasts of São João, the most revered saint of Porto, held on the night of 23rd June.

The feasts of São João, of pagan origin and associated with the celebration of the summer solstice, are marked by a programme comprises around 200 varied events, during about 30 days.

Music, theatre, exhibitions, workshops, visits and walks, food tasting, fairs and markets are some of the many activities awaiting you in the city, from 24 May to 29 June!

Come to Porto and join the feast! 

Download the programme here.

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Festivities of Lisbon 2014

With a whiff of summer in the air, the Festivities of Lisbon offer a welter of entertainment activities that will invade Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods, luring lure thousands of people into the streets.

Santo António - Lisbon’s patron saint - overseas the city’s festivities that reach their highpoint on the evening of June 12, with a procession of popular marches through the Avenida da Liberdade. On the afternoon of June 13, a procession in homage to the popular Saint - who is believed to foster marriages - winds its way through the streets around the Sé cathedral and provides a special religious flavour to the festivities.

Evenings are animated by traditional festivities in Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods - from Castelo to Mouraria, Graça, Alfama, Ajuda and the Bairro Alto - with lots of music and dance to the rhythm of popular songs. Decorated with coloured globes and garlands, the city’s streets are invaded by the smell of roasted sardines and sweet basil accompanied by paper carnations and paintings that allude to Santo António.

June is the main month of these festivities, but they also extend throughout the summer, including a wide variety of events such as fado, jazz and other musical performances, fado in the city’s trams, cinema and theatre festivals, sports events and exhibitions.

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