Lisboa Oceanarium: Best in Europe and the second best in the World by TripAdvisor

Lisboa Oceanarium has been recognised as the best oceanarium in Europe and the second best in the world by TripAdvisor, the largest travel and tourism website with more than 50 million visits annually.

Tripadvisor has published the top 10 best zoos and oceanariums, based on the quality and quantity of user feedback over a period of 12 months.

"Excellent", "must visit", "Wonderful", "Extraordinary", "Amazing", "Awesome" are some of the opinions that can be read to describe the Lisboa Oceanarium, ranking it between first and second place of Lisboa's most reputable city attractions.

The Oceanarium has, over the years, developed innovations and new experiences so as to increasingly improve the quality of its visits. With 16 years of existence and over 18 million visitors, Lisboa Oceanarium is one of the most visited cultural facilities in Portugal.

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Source: Turismo de Lisboa 

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