Six New Routes from Lisboa by Ryanair

Ryanair has announced six new routes from Lisboa and will boost the existing four. Of the six new destinations, flights to Bremen and Hamburg in Germany, to Milan and Rome in Italy, and Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, will start to operate in October and November. In April, with the launch of the IATA Summer 2015, Ryanair will also begin to fly to Warsaw, Poland.

Three weekly flights are scheduled for Eindhoven and Bremen, with daily flights to Hamburg, Milan and Rome, whilst two flights weekly are planned for Warsaw.

Existing routes from Lisboa will be boosted with flights to London and Pisa being increased from two to three times per day. Similarly flights to Manchester will increase from four to five times a week, and to Porto which will be expanded from five times per week to two daily flights. 

Source: Lisboa Inside 

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