The McNamara Surf Trip: A documentary from the Portuguese Coast

21 days, 7 regions, 2 archipelagos, awesome food, unique experiences, singular hospitality,
waves in every corner – one of a kind surf trip. Stay tuned: a new webisode every couple of days

The McNamara Surf Trip - A web documentary from the portuguese coast. + info:

- Ep. #1: Centro de Portugal  

Garrett McNamara takes on the center of Portugal.In this trip Garrett surfed great waves, picked his own food in an organic farm and surfed the wake of a boat with wakeboard champion Francisco Martinho Lopes and instructor Nuno Almeida d´Eça.

Ep. #2: Lisbon 

"Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever seen”. Find out why...

In this trip Garrett surfs the amazing beaches around Lisbon with local surfers Filipe Jervis and Nuno Mesquita, experiences great food, attends a concert by local band Paus and gets to know Lisbon with local surfer and musician Frankie Chavez.

Ep. #3: Azores 
Garrett McNamara visits one of the best kept secrets in Portugal, the islands of Azores.

From visiting the local green pastures to experiencing the amazing nature walks, Garrett still finds time to catch some waves with local surfers Hugo Vau and Luís Melo. Watch this film to see why Azores is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Ep. #4: Porto and the North
Garrett McNamara visits one of the most iconic cities of Portugal, Porto.

In Porto, Garrett meets the first portuguese surfer, Pedro Lima, and surfs amazing waves with locals Patrick Jongenelen and Sebastião Furtado. The highlight of the trip is his visit to the Douro Region, the world´s first wine region to have a formal demarcation of its Port wine.

- Ep. #5: Madeira Islands 
Garrett McNamara visits the scenic islands of Madeira.

With views like Hawaii and portuguese food and hospitality, Garret gets the best of both worlds with his local contacts, artist Marco Fagundes and local surfer/tour guide Orlando Pereira. In beautiful Madeira, Garrett experiences fresh tuna just off the boat, rides a couch down a hill and tries the exquisite local, aged Madeira wine. 

- Ep. #6: Alentejo
Garrett McNamara experiences an adrenalin rush and gets a taste of the relaxed life in scenic Alentejo. 

In Alentejo, soul surfer Tarik Van Prehn gives Garrett a glimpse of the laid-back life in the countryside. Later, Garrett gets back to surfing and tries a nature path 10 meters off the ground - “give me big wave surfing any day”.  

- Ep. #7: AlgarveGarrett McNamara treads off the beaten path in one of the regions most appreciated by tourists and expats.

Garrett surfs the idyllic coast of Algarve and quickly rides shot gun in a competitive car racing circuit to realize that ‘staying in the moment’ is not the answer to all of life’s fears. See why Algarve is the expats favourite second home

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