Lisbon: New Year in Terreiro do Paço

New Year in Lisbon by Turismo de Lisboa
Lisboa will be filled with light and music to celebrate the New Year with a lively cultural program.

Lit up by the giant Christmas tree, Terreiro do Paço will act as stage for the charismatic singer José Cid on the last night of 2014. But the New Year promises much more! To mark this occasion, Lisboa's sky will light up with an array of colours in a fabulous fireworks show, lasting for several minutes. Once we enter 2015, it's the turn of Portugal's biggest and most famous rock band, Xutos & Pontapés to go on stage.

Among many other surprises in store, this promises to be an unforgettable night for both Lisboa's locals and tourists visiting the Portuguese capital. No need to make any more plans …Just prepare to enter the New Year in Lisboa's giant "living room", Terreiro do Paço, with a fabulous view of the Tagus and the best Portuguese music. Round up your friends and get ready to celebrate. 

Source: Inside Lisboa

Lisboa Christmas Concerts

December 7 to 21, in several churches of the city. All concerts are free entry, subject to venue capacity. 

With the Christmas lights already decorating the capital's main streets, Lisboa once again celebrates the Christmas season with its traditional concerts. Hosted in various of the city's churches, these come to life to the sound of Portuguese choirs, ensembles and orchestras. 

December 7 | 4pm | São Nicolau Church | “Os Músicos do Tejo
”December 12 | 9.30pm | São Roque Church | Tejo Choir and Chamber Choir of the University of Lisboa
December 13 | 4pm | Mercês Church | Tarantela Trio from the Youth Symphony Orchestra
December 14 | 4pm | Graça Church | Ricercare Choir
December 18 | 7 pm and 9pm | Cinema São Jorge | National Conservatory Music School
December 19 | 9pm | Cinema São Jorge | National Conservatory Music School
December 20 | 9.30pm | São Domingos Church | Navy Band and Lisboa Music Academy Symphony Choir
December 21 | 7.30pm | São Luiz Theatre | Lisboa Symphony Choir and Lisboa Cantat Symphony Choir

Source: Lisboa Inside 

New Year's Eve in Portugal 2014/15

Funchal, Madeira by Turismo da Madeira
Start 2015 in a special way and travel to Portugal for the New Year’s break. In all large cities it is customary to mark New Year's Eve with parties in which everyone can participate. Hotels prepare for the celebrations with special packages and the airline last minute promotions should be taken advantage of.

At midnight, toast the New Year with Champaign and eat 12 raisins while making 12 wishes, one for each month of the new year. In many cities there are fireworks displays such as in Lisboa or in Porto, but the fireworks in Madeira are the most beautiful and grandest with a show of light and colour over the entire Island.

Take a look here to see what you can find across the country. Happy New Year!

Lisboa City Council promotes a big party in one of the prime locations of the city: Praça do Comércio. It is celebrated with music and a great fireworks display. If you are at a high point in the city, such as Castelo de São Jorge (São Jorge Castle), which opens its doors to midnight, in the distance you can even see the fireworks displays in places on the other bank of the River Tejo, such as in Almada or in Seixal.

But there is also other entertainment in places in the city such as Parque das Nações or in the area of Torre de Belém (Tower of Belém). At Lisboa Casino and in the various bars and clubs in town, such as in the neighbourhoods of Cais do Sodré or Bairro Alto, there will surely be a lot of partying and excitement.

For those who like to start the year by the sea, you can also celebrate on the beach in Cascais, Estoril or Oeiras. And first thing in the morning, praia de Carcavelos (Carcavelos beach) is the choice for the first dip of the year.

For New Year's Eve, the City Council of Porto promotes unique experiences and the best wine in the world, Port wine. At the Avenida dos Aliados party, two important national bands will participate, Clã and Expensive Soul and there is going to be a surprise fireworks display.

For those who prefer, they can wait for the clock to strike 12 in the area of the bars and restaurants in Ribeira or even on the River Douro on one of the cruises which have special programmes for this night. It will certainly be a unique moment.

For further information on events, offers and promotions for New Year's Eve, go to You can also participate in the competition “Porto is… New Year’s Eve” and win a trip.

NEW YEAR'S EVEN in | http://fimdoano.visitmadeira.ptThe fireworks display in Madeira is amazing and one of the Island’s most important tourist events. It has already been mentioned in the Guinness Book of Records as the "The Biggest Fireworks Display in the World".

The display lasts almost 10 minutes and is spread over many parts of the city in the amphitheatre of Funchal, on the waterfront, out at sea and there is also a firing position on the Island of Porto Santo. The best place to see it is from the sea and because of this many agencies and Cruise companies promote small trips to live a unique experience. For many cruises which pass by Madeira at this time of the year, this night is a compulsory stop.

NEW YEAR'S EVE in | Algarve is a preferred destination all year round and, even in the winter, sunny days are common and invite you for walks along the sea. Most hotels and resorts organise New Year parties and have special prices for this season. If this is your destination at the end of the year, look out for these offers.

Street entertainment is normally announced closer to the end of December, but at Praia dos Pescadores (Pescadores Beach) in Albufeira there is already a tradition to spend the New Year with a lot of joy and fireworks, a party that rivals the one in Portimão. Vila Real de Santo António, Tavira, Faro, Quarteira and Lagos have quality hotels and are good places to celebrate the New Year and take a mini holiday. As are Monte Gordo and Vilamoura, where the well-known Casinos of the Algarve are located.

NEW YEAR'S EVE in SERRA da | a country known for its sun, Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, is a destination much enjoyed by the Portuguese people and also by those who enjoy snow sports as a New Year’s Eve getaway.

The welcoming atmosphere of a mountain chalet or one of the hotels located in Penhas da Saúde is ideal to spend the New Year with family and friends. Even on the coldest days, there is always the opportunity to have fun with outdoor activities.

Seia, Manteigas and Gouveia are other locations in the Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela (Serra da Estrela Natural Park) where you can choose one of the country homes to enjoy a mini holiday.

NEW YEAR'S EVE in ALENTEJO BEACHES and CENTRO de | | | Year is a pretext for the people of Portugal to get away from their routine and take a short break with their family and friends, not forgetting the fact that there is also a fortnight’s school holiday.

It is true that it is no longer the time to hit the beach, but the small locations on the coast and the fishing villages in Centro de Portugal and in Alentejo are popular locations with a lot of entertainment during this time of the year. Suggestions on places where you can enjoy the festivities: Aveiro, Praias de Vieira de Leiria (Vieira de Leiria Beaches), Nazaré, Peniche, Sines, Porto Covo, Vila Nova de Milfontes or Zambujeira do Mar.

If no entertainment programme has been organised, there is no need to stop the celebration... it is customary for the people to hit the streets and toast the New Year.

Monument to the Discoveries: Exhibition "Architects Are Poets Too" | Cottinelli Telmo 1897-1948

Don´t miss the exhibition "Architects Are Poets Too" in the Monument to the Discoveries, in Belém quarter, Lisbon, until April 6th.

So said Cottinelli Telmo, the creator of the Monument to the Discoveries, insisting that architects should have the right and freedom to assert their subjectivity, elude rationality and circumvent material constraints. His words also sum up the way in which he saw architecture: in communion with all arts and disciplines.

An exceptional creator and a man of many talents, Cottinelli was an unusual combination of intuition and intelligence, culture and sensitivity. A virtuoso draughtsman with an effervescent sense of humour, his enthusiasm was contagious. He was constantly alive to his surroundings, always on the lookout for new experiences and driven by a boundless curiosity. His personality was complex and full of nuances, eschewing a linear path. The same was true of his career, which was punctuated by frequent successes, but also by doubts and hesitation.

With the help of the archives and collections of various public institutions, this exhibition brings together rarely-seen pieces and unpublished material in order to paint a picture of Cottinelli Telmo immersed in his creative process, giving body to his ideas and form to the conjuring of his unstoppable imagination.

A Creative Life
José Ângelo Cottinelli Telmo (Lisbon, 1897–Cascais, 1948) is a unique figure in 20th century Portuguese culture. His creations continue to influence the country’s imaginative life to this day. In the early 20th century, Lisbon’s cultural scene was small and insular, but it was eager for novelties and change. New media such as the press, film and exhibitions were a source of fascination for young creative people. Cottinelli soon set out to test every new format, and in all of them he became one of the major proponents among the generation that lived through that effervescent period.

As an architect he worked for the Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (CP, the national rail company) and was a member of state departments, but he also ran his own private studio. He tried his hand at ballet, musical composition, photography and art criticism, and also worked as a journalist and editor. He played a stand-out role in the history of comic book art and film in Portugal. His creations were pioneering and acted as models, opening up the way for others to follow, and instrumental in making these disciplines accessible to the public.

As Cottinelli’s creative work evolved, some compromises certainly had to be made due to the conservative forces that dominated the country. However, he never lost his sense of alertness and lucidity, which led him to oppose the most reactionary, academically retrograde and backward-looking attitudes.

When we think of Cottinelli, we see the image of someone constantly committed to inspiring the creative types whom he gathered together and mentored. And yet, in spite of all this, he also experienced loneliness due the smallness of the artistic world at the time.

07.12.2014 / 28.02.2015 – Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m.06 p.m. (last admission 05.30 p.m.)
01.03.2015 / 06.04.2015 – Everyday – 10 a.m. – p.m. (last admission 06.30 p.m.)


Porto: Church and Tower of Clérigos reopen with special Christmas lighting on 12 December

Clérigos Tower by Porto City Council
The Church and the Tower of Clérigos in Porto, will reopen to the public on December 12, as promised, after restoration and improvement works that will provide to the thousands of people who visit this important monumental complex of the city, an unforgettable experience for sure.

The reopening, precisely 235 years after its inauguration, will be celebrated throughout the weekend of 12, 13 and 14 December, with free visits to any space, daily organ concerts and an entertainment program developed by PortoLazer together with the Brotherhood of Clérigos, especially for this occasion.
12 December:18:30 – the special lighting will be switched on, until 00:00
18:30 – 18:40 – Balleteatro in the balcony of the Tower
18:45 – 19:45 – Christmas carols in the balcony of the Tower
19:15 – 19:30 – Angel/ visual performance – Tower and surroundings
21:45 – 22:15 – Espetáculo Novo New Circus Show  João&João (Galo Bravo)
22:15-23:00 – Porto Sounds: DJ set Carla Castelhano in the balcony of the Tower
23:00 – 00:00 - Porto Sounds: Concerto com os Sequin in the balcony of the Tower
13 December15:30 – 16:30 – Natal à Porta/Jazz concert with Pedro Neves Trio, in the balcony of the Tower

14 December
15:30 – 16:30 – Natal à Porta/Opera Concert with Manuel Soares, João Miguel Gonçalves and Rui Fernandes.
Source: Porto Turismo


Portugal won 3 World Travel Awards in the 2014 Grand Final Ceremony

In the 2014 World Travel Awards Grand Final hosted last December 7th, in the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla, Portugal won 3 World Travel Awards. 

The winners were:
- World's Leading Conservation Company:  Parques de Sintra - Monte da Lua, Portugal

World's Leading Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant:  Vila Joya Hotel Restaurant ,Vila Joya, Portugal

World's Leading Luxury Leisure Resort:   Conrad Algarve, Portugal

Congratulations to all the winners! 

More information at

Source: World Travel Awards


The "Cante Alentejano" (Alentejo Song), now recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO

Portugal has, in its cultural heritage, a very genuine musical expression, unique in the world, the "Cante Alentejano" (Alentejo Song), now recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Sung in choir and without any use of musical instruments, by groups of men and women, the "Cante Alentejano" is a popular manifestation which is a feature of several municipalities in the district of Beja, in the region historically known as Baixo Alentejo. However, it was the Municipality of Serpa which took the initiative to register it as World Heritage in conjunction with the Alentejo Regional Tourism Entity.

Although it is currently maintained by choral groups, some of them already centenarians, it always happened in informal contexts, while working in the field or during times of celebration. The lyrics speak of feelings and everyday moments.

Although it is not specific to any Genre or social status, it is often associated with the rural classes that formed in a region where agricultural industrialisation and mining extraction developed during the late 19th and 20th centuries. The first choral group arose in 1926, associated with the workers of the Mines of São Domingos, today deactivated. This initiative was followed by a second group in Serpa, in 1927.

When visiting the region, take a look at the cultural agenda to see if a show is scheduled, but be especially aware as it can happen spontaneously in any tavern or recreation association, during a moment of relaxation after a day’s work. The creation of routes and Cante Houses is planned so that you can enjoy this unique expression.

A good way to get to know the "Cante Alentejano" is to watch the documentary “Alentejo, Alentejo”, by Sérgio Tréfaut. Produced also to support the application for World Heritage, it was the Best Portuguese Film at the Lisboa 2014 Indie Festival and the Best Film DOCSBarcelona+Medelín 2014

Alentejo Alentejo (long trailer HD) EN version from Faux on Vimeo.

New Contemporary Portugal Guide by Turismo de Portugal

The touristic appeal of territories combines both the built and immaterial historic heritage with the most creative and innovative interventions. As far as tourists are concerned, they are more open to exploring new experiences and discovering different aspects of places, which enrich their journey and make it unforgettable.

The Contemporary Portugal Guide highlights 4 areas related to contemporaneity and innovation: Contemporary Architecture and Art, Design and Events.

Here you will find a very careful and justified selection of over 150 resources and events throughout the entire country.

In the Architecture selection, the Portuguese Architects Association invited Pedro Campos Costa to elect 40 places that are proof of the vitality and quality of Portuguese architecture today – public and private spaces, used for different purposes but which can be deeply experienced.

In the Contemporary Art, the Portuguese Section of the International Association of Art Critics gave Rui Mário Gonçalves the responsibility for selecting some of the main spaces (museums, galleries, art centres) which enable the individuality, cosmopolitanism, lyricism and subtlety of the Portuguese art to be discovered.
The selection for the area on
Design has been handled by Bárbara Coutinho, the director of MUDE, the Museum of Design and Fashion, who focuses on the interiors of various types of spaces that are and always will be symbols of contemporaneity and unique enjoyment.
With regards to Events, we have selected some which regularly bring to the regions the national and international trends in Cinema, Dance, Photography, Music, Theatre and in the various Crossover Arts. An events calendar which is an excellent complement to any tourist visit, resulting from a significant investment in compiling a varied and appealing programme.
We have produced this Guide dedicated to contemporaneity, aiming to provide new proposals to (re) discover Portugal, which make it easier to compile tourist programmes, content and services that can attract new and greater audiences.

The tips for visits suggested in the Guide resulting from the justified choices of our partners, are not exhaustive within the universe of existing contemporary expressions, but rather serve as a primary purpose for travelling.

New Equestrian Tourism Guide by Turismo de Portugal

Portugal has one of the most admired breeds of horse due to its characteristics in bullfighting, dressage and leisure activities – the Lusitano Thoroughbred. The Lusitano Horse is of Portuguese origin and enjoys huge international prestige due to its purity, beauty and vigour, and is uniquely attractive within the equestrian world.

Portugal's temperate Mediterranean climate guarantees unique conditions for breeding equines and for equestrian activities, from teaching horse riding, to sports competitions, equestrian galas and, of course, different horse riding itineraries, adapted to all the different demand profiles.

Portugal also has a wonderfully rich landscape and is easily accessible by air. It is a safe, hospitable country with qualified human resources and tourist infrastructures.

The Equestrian Tourism Technical Guide provides information on the huge variety on offer in Portugal, in different equestrian spaces with several activities, which are divided between the regions of Oporto and the North, the Centre, Lisbon, the Alentejo and the Algarve.

The Technical Guide aims to be a useful working tool for Portuguese and foreign Travel Agents, as it is a means of acquiring better technical knowledge on the offer available, thereby providing new Equestrian Tourism experiences to their customers in a destination of excellence.

Ryanair: New Base in the Azores

Ryanair, announced today December 5th that it will open its 4th Portuguese base in the Azores from April 2015 with 1 based aircraft and 3 new low fare routes to London (1 x weekly), Lisbon (2 x daily) and Porto (1 x daily).~

3 New Azores Routes 

Start Date

Ponta Delgada – Lisbon
From Apr ‘15

Ponta Delgada – Porto
From Apr ‘15

Ponta Delgada – London
From Apr ‘15

Ryanair is also in discussions with the Government of the Azores about possible services to Terceira and additional international flights to the Islands.

Customers can fly on Ryanair’s twice-daily service to Lisbon and daily service to Porto while enjoying allocated seating, a free 2nd carry-on bag, reduced fees, a new website, a brand new app with mobile boarding passes, and our new Family Extra and Business Plus services, making Ryanair the ideal choice for families, business and leisure travellers.

Ryanair’s 3 new Azores routes go on sale on the website today at fares from €29.99 one-way for travel in April, May and June and are available for booking until midnight Monday (8 Dec)

Source: Ryanair 

Portugal: Christmas Traditions

In Portugal there is a festive environment  around Christmas, similar to all the other places where this season is celebrated. But most important are the moments that rekindle the spirit of fellowship.

Traditionally families gather on the 24th of December at the dinner table and serve up dishes of cod, although roast turkey and other meat dishes that were enjoyed in the days after have also begun to be part of the menu. For dessert, there is always Bolo Rei (King's Cake) filled with candied fruits or nuts, in addition to delicious traditional fried desserts: "filhós" (traditional deep fried sweet pastry sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon), "sonhos" (traditional deep fried sweet soft pastry normally eaten at Christmas) and "rabanadas" (type of French toast).

At midnight we celebrate the Midnight Mass and in churches, as well as at home, there is a special place for the nativity scene, recreating the stable where Jesus was born, an idea of St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century and which is quite common in Portugal.

In some regions, such as Bragança, Guarda and Castelo Branco, a tree is still burnt overnight, a large bonfire in the churchyard. It serves as a meeting place to meet friends and neighbours and wish them a Merry Christmas.

On the 6th of January, on the Three Kings Day, the festivities come to an end with the “Janeiras”. On the street or in monuments and churches, you will hear traditional songs wishing a Happy New Year. 

Destination Madeira promoted on Eurosport

Aiming to promote Madeira internationally, positioning it as an active holiday destination of excellence, blessed by an inimitable natural beauty, Madeira Tourism is conducting another advertising campaign in various Eurosport spots: on TV, on the internet and on mobile phones, whose platform has a daily reach of about 26.5 million viewers and users.

With this promotional action, Destination Madeira aims to attract all active holiday lovers by demonstrating its enormous potential and excellent conditions for the practice of outdoor activities, against a lush nature background. This year, in addition to a microsite entirely dedicated to Madeira, banners and promotional TV spots, Eurosport channel displaced a film crew to the Region to produce an on-the-spot television programme broadcasted in 59 countries and in 20 languages.

Discover a more active Madeira on Eurosport, in