New Contemporary Portugal Guide by Turismo de Portugal

The touristic appeal of territories combines both the built and immaterial historic heritage with the most creative and innovative interventions. As far as tourists are concerned, they are more open to exploring new experiences and discovering different aspects of places, which enrich their journey and make it unforgettable.

The Contemporary Portugal Guide highlights 4 areas related to contemporaneity and innovation: Contemporary Architecture and Art, Design and Events.

Here you will find a very careful and justified selection of over 150 resources and events throughout the entire country.

In the Architecture selection, the Portuguese Architects Association invited Pedro Campos Costa to elect 40 places that are proof of the vitality and quality of Portuguese architecture today – public and private spaces, used for different purposes but which can be deeply experienced.

In the Contemporary Art, the Portuguese Section of the International Association of Art Critics gave Rui Mário Gonçalves the responsibility for selecting some of the main spaces (museums, galleries, art centres) which enable the individuality, cosmopolitanism, lyricism and subtlety of the Portuguese art to be discovered.
The selection for the area on
Design has been handled by Bárbara Coutinho, the director of MUDE, the Museum of Design and Fashion, who focuses on the interiors of various types of spaces that are and always will be symbols of contemporaneity and unique enjoyment.
With regards to Events, we have selected some which regularly bring to the regions the national and international trends in Cinema, Dance, Photography, Music, Theatre and in the various Crossover Arts. An events calendar which is an excellent complement to any tourist visit, resulting from a significant investment in compiling a varied and appealing programme.
We have produced this Guide dedicated to contemporaneity, aiming to provide new proposals to (re) discover Portugal, which make it easier to compile tourist programmes, content and services that can attract new and greater audiences.

The tips for visits suggested in the Guide resulting from the justified choices of our partners, are not exhaustive within the universe of existing contemporary expressions, but rather serve as a primary purpose for travelling.

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