Belém Tower Celebrating 500 Years

Torre de Belém by ATL
In 2015, several events are planned to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Belém Tower. 

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, today this monument is a symbol of Lisboa and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

From April to June 2015 there will be an exhibition of paintings, prints and "memorabilia" on the monument, in the former refectory of Jerónimos Monastery. From May to July, concerts will be held inside the tower, which in June will also be held in the open air, as part of the "City Festivities".

The celebrations to mark the anniversary of one the most iconic monuments of the Age of Discoveries and cornerstone of Portuguese identity, commence with the opening of the exhibition entitled "The Magnificent and Beautiful Tower" featuring exhibit panels outdoors.

In addition, the commemorations also feature the launch of an album on Belém Tower, by José Manuel García, as well as a cycle entitled "Conversations about Belém Tower," which will be held until June.

The celebrations end in October, with the international congress "Sphera Mundi - Art and Culture in the Era of the Discoveries." 

Source: Lisboa Inside 

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