Google maps the interiors of the Palaces of Sintra

Palacio Nacional da Pena © Serge Michaux
In partnership with Parques de Sintra, Google has recently made some additions to its Google Maps collection by adding the Palaces of Pena, Sintra, Queluz and Monserrate to its Indoor Maps function and thus making it possible for any Google Maps (whether via computer or mobile device - Android and IOS) user to access the layouts of each of these palaces across their respective different floors. To this end, simply search for the respective palace, zoom in and click your way through (you may switch between the different levels by clicking on the buttons above and below the zoom).

Currently, Google Indoor Maps covers some three billion square metres of interiors spread across over twenty countries with Portugal now including a total of 49 sites featuring everything from train and metro stations through to museums and other sites of culture and leisure. 

The palaces of Pena, Sintra, Queluz and Monserrate are the very first such Portuguese monuments to make it onto Google Indoor Maps and, from the Parques de Sintra perspective, this represents yet another means of raising the profile of the heritage under its management to the largest possible audience worldwide.

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 Source: Parques de Sintra

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