Algarve Nature Week 2015: 11 -19 April 2015

The first edition of Algarve Nature Week will start on 11th April 2015, running until 19th April.

Experience the Algarve this spring with a whole host of activities.
Europe’s most beautiful scenery and its most wonderful climate come together in the Algarve – and this spring is the perfect time to enjoy everything the region has to offer.

For those looking for an active outdoor break, Algarve Nature Week brings together the best of nature tourism in the region with a whole host of activities and special events taking place throughout the period.

Special accommodation offers in rural settings, hiking, bird-watching, donkey riding, biking, boat trips, balloon rides and even under water diving can all be experienced during this special week in one of Europe’s most recognized destinations.

Although the region is justly famous for its sun and sea, the Algarve has much more to offer in the way of natural beauty, and several Nature Week activities, both coastal and inland, have been designed to take advantage of this. Check out these unique experiences by visiting and enjoy a very special week.

Follow this link for a detailed Nature Guide provided by the Tourism Board of the Algarve.

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