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Discover a new perspective on ceremonial and travelling carriages from the 17th century to the 19th century at the new National Coach Museum recently opened as part of the celebrations of the 110 years of this institution.

Situated near the Tagus river, to the west of Lisboa, the National Coach Museum occupies the site where the old Army workshops were once located. The new venue features a unique collection which includes mostly carriages from the Portuguese Royal House, to which were then added others from church property and private collections. A unique collection that allows the visitor to understand the technical and artistic evolution of this animal-drawn form of transport, used by the European courts until the appearance of the motor car.

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The Royal Riding School (Picadeiro Real), a building that was once part of the Belém Royal Palace, currently the official residence of the President of the Republic, can still be visited as a core exhibition of the Museum.

There are three ticket types: one for visits to both museums (the old and the new museum) costing 8 euros; and two others for each of the museums - the original museum at the "Picadeiro Real" (4 euros), with fewer exhibits, and the new museum, which will house a total of 78 carriages (6 euros). On the first Sunday of each month admission is free. Visitors can read captions in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and, later, in Mandarin. 

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