F1H2O: Porto To Host Grand Prix of Portugal

The River Douro will be the stage for another world championship, the round 3 of F1H2O world championship, the F1 of the currently fastest boats.

The competition will take place on the weekend of 31 July to 2 August, with the first day dedicated to training and the second day to competition.
These boats reach really vertiginous speeds, between 230 km and 240 km, catamaran-shaped, weight 550 kg (pilot included), are made of carbon fiber and have V6 and 430 CV engines. 
In 2014 the competition gathered 8 teams, one of them Portuguese. Duarte Benavente’s F1 Atlantic/Interpass will participate in this year’s championship too and in August we will all be supporting the Portuguese pilot.
If you like boats, speed, river and sea and Porto you cannot miss this opportunity.

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