Rota Vicentina launches a new Website with centralized bookings and many new features

The Rota Vicentina Association has launched a new website with several new features, including a trip planner tool which guides the visitor through the range of possible itineraries, and also a centralized online booking system with characteristics similar to the principal booking engines on the market.

With the aim of consolidating the tourism which is associated with the Rota Vicentina, this is an important step towards the self-sustainability of the project, which counts on the support of the Algarve and the Alentejo Tourist Boards.

Muito mais do que uma rota pedestre // Much more than a walking route from Rota Vicentina on Vimeo.

The Rota Vicentina Association, which now has a strong impact in the region, was formed in 2013 with the aim of creating a network of private and public partners which would not only ensure the quality of the project together but would also encourage tourists and engage the local community in the project. In addition to the public partners, it currently has about 130 company associates, among which are 15 agencies and tour operators, some of which are international.

Tourism along the Rota Vicentina has also has been rising exponentially, and a further increase is expected next autumn.

Its creators believe that the new website, as well as facilitating access and visitor planning, will also enhance the commercial dynamics of the project, in so far as local companies are now choosing to take a more active and responsible role in the management and the future of the project and South western Portugal, networking for joint success.

At the same time, the Rota Vicentina is launching a video entitled "Much more than a pedestrian route", produced by Favo Studio. This video shows the essence of the Rota Vicentina network, and its links to the community.

About Rota Vicentina:
The Rota Vicentina is a footpath along the coast of South western Portugal that today totals about 400 km of footpaths between Santiago do Cacém and Cape St. Vincent. Inaugurated in 2012, this route was developed in partnership with public authorities and local businessmen, who believe that Nature Tourism is a means of essential development for this very special region.
Made up of the "Historical Way", the “Fisherman's Trail" and the new" Circular Routes", launched this year, the Rota Vicentina offers a unique experience of two different worlds - the authentic, rural and living culture of the interior and the surprisingly wild coast of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast - both of which deserve special attention, in order that their benefits may be enjoyed for many years to come

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