Madeira: Museum of Contemporary Art has a new home in Calheta

The museological and artistic collection of the Madeiran Museum of Contemporary Art, on display at the São Tiago Fort, will be located permanentlly to the modern building of the Casa das Mudas Cultural Centre, in the municipality of Calheta, from October 8, and will be designated as - MUDAS - Madeiran Museum of Contemporary Art.

This project aims to enhance the promotion of the contemporary art collection of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, totalling 490 pieces spanning from the 60s to the present day.

This artistic collection depicts the works of several notorious national and regional artists some of which were born in Madeira, such as : Lourdes Castro, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, Fernando Calhau, António Palolo, Rui Sanches, João Queiroz, Michael Biberstein, Patrícia Garrido, Martha Telles, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Ana Vidigal, Gäetan, Eduardo Batarda, Daniel Blaufuks, Bárbara Assis Pacheco, Miguel Branco, Pedro Calapez, Pedro Casqueiro, Rui Chafes, Pedro Portugal, José Pedro Croft, Ilda David, Jorge Molder, José Loureiro, Álvaro Lapa, Ana Hatherly, João Vilhena, amongst others.

The international award-winning building of the Casa das Mudas Arts Centre is a project by Madeiran architect Paulo David, inaugurated in October 2004, it is located on the site of the old Casa das Mudas manor house, which dates back to the XVI century.

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