Lisbon: Video mapping live show "The Enchanted Doors"

Terreiro do Paço is all set to celebrate the Christmas season with a free video mapping show, called “The Enchanted Doors”, which will run from 11 to 20 December.

The theme is based on the idea of the Advent Calendar. All round the world, the calendar enchants young and old alike in the run-up to the much-awaited Christmas Day festivities.

The spectacle, which is projected onto the façade of the Rua Augusta Arch, is in the hands of a team of fumblingly playful elves. As they open each day’s door, they carry the spectators along on a fantastic flight of visual and sensory surprises. 

Designed for audiences of all types and ages, the cast of this extravaganza of Christmas magic and delights includes a band of old dolls, a castle made of sweets, ice skaters, a journey through an enchanted forest, hanging crocheted stockings, sheets of music, a waterfall of decorative Christmas balls, presents, snow globes and a magic wand.

Entry to “The Enchanted Doors” is free and the show lasts about 15 minutes. The story itself comprises 25 separate scenes, which explore worlds that are visually stunning, thanks to the bold colours and forms and the headlong dash through the various days. These elements combine to give the video mapping a life of all of its own; one that leaves the audience constantly gasping with surprise and barely able to wait for what is coming next.

Lighting is a key factor and 12 light projectors will be placed around the main façade of Terreiro do Paço, to enhance the visual experience and light up the square at certain points during the performance.

Promoters: Turismo de Lisboa (Lisbon Tourism), EGEAC and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon City Council)
Production: Oskar & Gaspar

Further information:
“The Enchanted Doors”
Free. Every day, 11 to 20 December
Times: 7 pm, 8 pm and 9 pm

Source. Turismo de Lisboa

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