Porto rated Europe’s top destination on the rise by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor has just announced the Travellers’ Choice Awards for the Top Destinations on the Rise, revealing that the city of Porto heads the top 10 in Europe and is third globally. 
On the global list, 1st place goes to Tulum in Mexico and 2nd to Cartagena in Colombia, the birthplace of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In Europe, Porto takes first place, standing out for a 48% increase in traffic related to the destination on the TripAdvisor site and a 39% rise in booking interest in October this year compared to the same month last year. The average price per night in the city through Tripadvisor is €52.79 and the best month to book, according to the site, is this month, when the average price per night is €43.24.
The low-cost accommodation preferred by Internet users planning to visit Porto is Moov Hotel Porto Centro. This statistic, according to the portal, relates to “highly recommended hotels with a minimum rating of four balls out of five on TripAdvisor” and the average price shown relates to the site’s data on bookings for the 1 December this year to 31 October next year. 
Funchal, in Madeira island, also appears in the top 10 of destinations on the rise in Europe, in 6th place, with an increase in traffic of 8% and a 21% higher booking interest than a year ago. Hotel Madeira is the best-rated low-cost accommodation. December is also the cheapest month to book, with an average price per night of €71.68, compared to an annual average of €94.11.

Source: Tripadvisor and Porto Turismo 

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