Routes and Tours of the Algarve

The Algarve is the most westerly part of mainland Europe, the last harbouring place before entering the waters of the Atlantic, a region where cultures have mingled since time immemorial.
Rotas & Caminhos do Algarve (Routes and Tours of the Algarve) aims to provide visitors with information to help them plan a stay full of powerful emotions, a passport to adventure, in which the magic of nature, excellent hospitality, the grandeur of the Algarve’s cultural heritage, but also those luxurious and cosmopolitan touches all come together.
These will be tours which will lure you into different kinds of activity and adventure, on a challenge of discovery.
The hundreds of beaches in the Algarve seduce people with their white sands and Atlantic waters, which sometimes surge insheets of spray and sometimes break on the beaches in warm waves.
These are places to relax during lively family holidays, places for high-energy sporting activity, or for quiet contemplation of romantic sunsets.
Inland, there is unexplored countryside, with huge areas of nature reserves, where you can follow the majestic flight of eagles or the smooth gliding of the storks.
Things that are always mentioned about the people of the Algarve are their hospitality and their prowess as story-tellers, that they are always ready to share experiences, and are open to change and diversity. The simple sophistication of the cuisine, drawing inspiration from the sea and seasoned with herbs, still retains a Moorish flavour, in the same way as the traditional architecture has.
By the end, you will have discovered an Algarve where the traditional and the modern can both be found, as well as Baroque and minimalist art, a way of life that is religious yet tolerant, popular kinds of entertainment and discos, terraces and whitewashed walls decorated in blue and ochre, cliffs and dunes, mountains and rugged plateaux, with the depths of the sea never far away.
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