TransAlentejo Guide

The TransAlentejo Guide is the organization of a set of eleven walking trails structured in the area of influence of the Alqueva Lake and Guadiana River, in areas of special protection in terms of the by-laws of nature conservation.The trails presented here were chosen from among the several ones that each represented county has on its territory, each of which have been duly recognized and undergone an exhaustive survey of the main points of interest.

With this guide, a new territory in Alentejo in opened to the organized practice of Hiking in a coherent manner and with a common reason: the Alqueva Lake, its tributaries and the Guadiana River after the dam that gives its name to the lake. From Serra d’ossa, where the Ribeira de Lucefécit (stream) rises, to the Tapada Grande in the São Domingos Mine, you can find a common reason in the coastal scenarios that, in recent years, have shaped the landscape in this region.

You can use this guide for your personal leisure, whether hiking alone, or with your family or friends, through the different paths that are properly studied, mapped and signposted. 

For professional use or that of tourist nature hiking organizations, this guide is the starting point to a territory that has a lot to offer in terms of group programs, whereby you should contact the Entidade Regional de Turismo Alentejo/Ribatejo (Alentejo/Ribatejo Regional Tourist Entity), the Associação Heranças do Alentejo (Heritage of Alentejo Association) or the Serviços de Turismo Municipal (Municipal Tourist Office).


The Fantastic Serra d’Ossa
Distance 17,3km; Duration 6/7h;
Degree of difficulty High.
 Hermits of the Serra d’Ossa
Distance 22,7km; Duration 7h;
Degree of difficulty High.
Conquest of Terena
Distance 15,2km; Duration 4h;
Degree of difficulty Average.
   Writings in Stone and Lime
Reguengos de Monsaraz
Distance 13km; Duration 3/4h;
Degree of difficulty Average.
Accross the living heritage of Mourão
Distance 8,3km; Duration 2h30m;
Degree of difficulty Low.
 From Amieira to Alqueva, with the Lake at your Feet
Distance 17km; Duration 6h;
Degree of difficulty Average.
Route of Água de Moura
Distance 8,5km; Duration 3h;
Degree of difficulty Low.
 From Serra Colorada to Cerro do Calvário
Distance 17km,; Duration 5/6h;
Degree of difficulty Average.
Watermills and Fortresses of Guadiana
Distance 15km; Duration 4/5h;
Degree of difficulty Average.

Trail of Azenha da Ordem (watermill)
Distance 13,5km; Duration 3/4h;
Degree of difficulty Average.
Around the Cork Plantation (Montado)
Distance 14,5km; Duration 4/5h;
Degree of difficulty Low.

Source: Turismo do Alentejo 

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