Lisboa Story Centre with a new look

Lisboa Story Centre - Memories of the City (LSC) reopened its doors on 1 January with a new look, more modern and fresh, inspired by the history of the Portuguese capital. The entrance of the space has also been remodelled to make the visitor’s experience that much more enjoyable.

The LSC’s new look is inspired by moments from Lisboa’s history, namely the earthquake of 1755, a tragic event which resulted in the reconstruction of the city. Taking this theme as its starting point, it is the so-called Pombalina Cage - a three-dimensional wooden structure used in downtown Baixa to resist earthquakes - which was the inspiration for the new look for the LSC, created by JWT.

The space has been closed the last two months for the remodelling of its access points. The Associação Turismo de Lisboa, in charge of the running of the LSC, renovated the entrance in order to increase the visibility of this tourist attraction and to make one’s visit more comfortable, as well as including a Tourist Information point and a “Lisboa Shop”.

Visiting the LSC is a trip through time, an immersive experience. Known as the place to experience the retelling of the history of the Portuguese capital, it is also able to host events in five separate spaces which can be customised to suit all kinds of requirements. 

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