Portuguese airports with the biggest growth ever

2015 was a year of records in Portuguese airports:

• Portuguese airports traffic increased by 
  11 % in 2015
• More than 20 million passengers in Lisbon
• Traffic reached 8.1 million passengers in      Porto, 6.4 million in Faro, 
2.7 million in     
  Madeira and 1.6 million in the Azores.
• 25 new routes

With a total of 38.9 million passengers, which sets a new high, the growth rate compared to 2014 is 11 %. The global success comes from the fact that all the Portuguese airports have reached last year the best results ever.

Lisbon Airport exceeded 20 million passengers, ie an increase of 10.7% over the previous year. In the last three years the airport in the capital increased by 4.8 million passengers, while in the eight previous years the increase had been 4.6 million.

Porto Airport reached 8.1 million passengers, up 16.7%, or 1.2 million passengers more than in 2014.

In Faro, the growth was 6.4% to 6.4 million passengers, while Madeira airports reached 2.7 million passengers, 6.3% more than last year. The largest percentage increase was recorded at airports in the Azores, where growth was 25.7% to 1.6 million passengers.

The sustained passenger growth in recent years results from the attractiveness of the airports network and the effort to attract new routes and airlines. On the other hand, the last two years were marked by strong growth in low cost traffic, especially in 2015, when the growth of low cost companies was quite higher than in the traditional segment.

The growth in air traffic is, according to the regulatory model, the lever for investments in capacity increase, which are critical to continue growing and to continue to contribute to the development of the regions.

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