Madeira: Carnaval Festivities 2016

Carnival, one of the main tourism events of Madeira Island, will entertain for a week, the city centre of Funchal.

The city will dawn vibrating with good times to the sound of philharmonic bands, samba and Carnival marches.

The highlight of the festivities is scheduled for Saturday evening, the 6th of February, when the float parade will go through the streets of Funchal, displaying great creativity by the various joining troupes, in a colourful and lively spectacle, with a total of one thousand revellers.

To complement this festive period, on Shrove Tuesday afternoon, the 9th of February, the “Cortejo Trapalhão” will take place. This is the day when Funchal explodes to a great mood and where thousands of irreverent revellers from all over the region have scathing caricatures about regional, national and international figures, thrilling the witnessing crowd at the avenue, with popular irreverence. 

Join us in this imaginative and exciting party, under the motto: "Madeira, dream Carnival"!

Find here more details about the Carnival in Madeira.

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