Until April 9th, don´t miss the "Lisbon Fish and Flavours" in Carlos Lopes Pavilion

Don’t miss the “Lisbon Fish and Flavours” festival in April - the chance to enjoy innovative gastronomic dishes created from fish and seafood.

For eleven days, "Lisbon Fish and Flavours" will offer all its visitors the chance to enjoy innovative gastronomic dishes created from fish and seafood, in a relaxed atmosphere where spending time with friends and family is a genuine delight. 

You can take part in the demonstrations of gourmet food, get to know some of the region’s best restaurants and the work of their great chefs, delight in the live music and entertainment provided, read a book or taste a fine wine.

If you enjoy good food and gourmet cooking, this is the place for you! 

Find more information at: Fish and Flavours


TAP Portugal increases Moscow service from June 2017

TAP Portugal in summer 2017 season plans to expand service to Russia, as Lisbon – Moscow Domodedovo route being expanded to daily service, effective from 10 JUN 17. 

This route is currently served 5 times a week.

Find more information at:

Trails in the Azores

Whether you are a lover of quiet walks or an adrenaline junkie, the Azores have more than 60 hiking trails with all the conditions for walking safely. Venture out and discover unique landscapes between paths totally wrapped in Nature.

The trails of the Azores are a network of footpaths classified by the Regional Government of the Azores to ensure the safety and tranquillity of the walkers. Divided into three levels of difficulty - easy, medium and hard - the network is suitable for various ages and levels of fitness. Many of the classified footpaths take advantage of the single tracks that people have used for centuries for day-to-day travel, carrying goods and moving cattle. This ancestral wisdom in creating short cuts across the territory is now exploited by tourists to get to know the different perspectives and details of the Azores islands’ scenic treasures, since they link almost every corner of each island, both by the seashore and in the mountains.

The mild temperature of the Azorean climate enables you to explore the network of trails in any season. It all depends on the experience you want. Walking during the winter means finding lusher greens, waterfalls and faster flowing streams; a walk in the spring and summer brings an invasion of scents and colourful flowers. But the famous Azorean mist can arise at any time. And as fast as it comes, wrapping in mystery the barely glimpsed outlines, it disappears, opening up new horizons.

Due to the particularities of the terrain and weather conditions, some trails may be temporarily unavailable, so get information before you leave about any warnings or safety recommendations that may be in place.

On virtually every island, there are certified tour operators who provide programmes for the Azorean trails, including transport to the starting point, guide services and meals, among other extras. Some, for the sections in which they are licensed, even offer excursions by bike, quad bike, horseback, GPS expeditions and other alternatives.

Although hiking is the most common way, lovers of cycling will find in the Azores a wealth of trails and paths suitable for different levels of experience and expectation, from the most radical aspects of mountain biking to simply riding along at leisure.

Also for those who enjoy horse riding, there are equestrian centres on almost all the Azores islands. Whether you want to break into a gallop or just amble along at a walk, discovering the islands’ natural landscapes, their amazing recesses, greenery, flowers, brooks and even geological formations on horseback is an unforgettable way to discover the Azores.

Another activity that has become more popular due to the topography of the Azores, is Geocaching, with currently more than 400 caches recorded in the Azores on the worldwide site of this activity. As participants use coordinates and GPS devices to find hidden "treasures", contact with the surrounding terrain takes on a more adventurous quality; in your search, you must design and determine the best route to reach the cache.

Whichever way and whichever trail you choose, you will always find true nature in the Azores.

Find more information at: the Azores


Faro Airport Will Be Connected To More Than 100 Airports This Summer

The summer of 2017 will bring 11 new additional routes and 15 new regular services to Faro Airport. Budapest, Dresden, Erfurt, Göteborg, Lille, Muenster, Newquay, Nice, Warsaw, Maastricht and Ostend are the major highlights of Algarve in the IATA Summer of 2017.

The 17% increase in the global offering of seats to and from the region of Algarve this summer, estimated at 8.4 million seats, consolidates the recorded ongoing growth trend. This increment will represent, in the season, an estimated increase of one million seats to the regular seat offering, in comparison with the same period in the previous year (2016 summer).

In the season now beginning, Faro Airport and the Algarve region will be connected to more than a hundred airports in 20 countries, and will be served by over 50 regular airlines. Concerning the markets, the big highlight of this IATA Summer goes to the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

The United Kingdom will maintain its usual relevance and will be connected to the Algarve region by more than 30 airports. With an expected growth of 15% in the overall seat offering, this market may reach, by the end of the IATA Summer of 2017, a market share slightly above 50%.

The German market has a remarkable growth in the overall seat offering (about 26%), with three new routes (Dresden, Erfurt and Munster), served by the Germania airline, with a reinforced search for Algarve as a tourism destination of choice. Also noteworthy in this segment is the reinforcement in the connectivity to Frankfurt by Ryanair, which will ensure a new daily service to this hub, one of the main and most important hubs in Europe, and will be served this summer by three airlines from Faro: Lufthansa, Ryanair and TUI.

The French market, which in the previous season presented an unusual growth in demand for Algarve as a tourist destination, will be connected to Faro Airport via 10 airports and will consolidate a high growth, of around 30%, in the offering of seats, if we consider the same period of the previous year. There will be two new routes between Algarve and France (Lille and Nice by EasyJet) and four new regular connections will be launched: Bordeaux, Marseille and Nantes by Volotea and Paris by EasyJet.

Find more information at: - Airport - - and airlines

Source: Ana Aeroportos

From the 30th of March until the 1st of April, don´t miss the 52nd Azores Airlines Rallye

The Azores SATA Rally will be hosted along some of the most beautiful roads in the island of São Miguel.

The Azores rally has been held for over 50 years and is one of the most important legs in the ground stage of the National Championship. Its rankings contribute to the European Rally Cup organised by FIA (the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile).

This competitive event begins at the Portas da Cidade (gates of the city) of Ponta Delgada and is a genuine tourist itinerary, passing through some of the most emblematic sites in São Miguel such as the Lagoon of Sete Cidades, thus demonstrating some of the island's beauty.

Spring holidays in Portugal

With pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine to make you think of summer, a springtime mini-break is an excellent opportunity to discover Portugal. You can explore in the great outdoors, visit monuments, sample the cuisine, do some shopping, go to events or simply roam wherever the fancy takes you, appreciating a variety of landscapes you would never have suspected could exist in such a small country.  

As you travel around Portugal you will discover cities, towns and villages that offer so much for you to see and do. From historical heritage such as castles, museums and churches, veritable treasures from bygone days, to the flavours of the hugely varied cuisine that changes from region to region. And we must not forget to mention the wines of outstanding quality that taste even better when you drink them in the places where they were produced.  

At this time of year, when nature is awakening from its winter slumber, cloaking the landscape with colours and scents, it is well worth paying a visit to the parks and nature reserves, where the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Or take a stroll along the beach in temperatures that, at times, are already warm enough to tempt you to sunbathe and swim. 

For those who prefer the big cities, Lisbon and Porto should not be missed. Both have received international acclaim and awards for their charm. They can be visited in all sorts of ways: on foot, by tram, bus, boat or "tuktuk". There are old neighbourhoods, monuments and museums to be discovered but also high quality modern architecture and the always surprising urban art that brings colour to spaces that at times are almost forgotten.

As far as shopping is concerned, there is something to suit everyone's taste, from high-end boutiques and shopping centres where you will be able to find all the latest fashions and international collections, to the street markets where genuine handicrafts are sold and the small establishments specialising in gourmet products.

And bearing in mind the time of year, why not take the opportunity to see how the Portuguese traditionally celebrate Easter in places such as Braga, Óbidos, Sardoal and Castelo de Vide? Or discover other religious festivals such as the Mãe Soberana Festivities in Loulé or the Festas da Senhora da Boa Viagem in Constância? There is also a huge variety of shows, concerts and exhibitions if you want to add some culture to your visit.  

These are just a few suggestions but, of course, there's much more to choose from depending on your own particular likes and interests. You'd better start organising your trip!

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From 5-14 May, don´t miss Algarve Nature Week 2017

In May don’t miss Algarve Nature Week, an event that will draw attention to the Algarve’s natural beauty.

During this event, there will be special offers available on more than 90 outdoor activities and 8 accommodation facilities, some of which enjoy a rural setting. There will be plenty of action for everyone who enjoys active holidays in unspoiled surroundings. And when we say plenty, we really mean plenty! 

For nine days the event will be offering walks, birdwatching, dolphin and whale watching, boat trips, cycle outings, horseback and donkey outings, and even airborne and underwater activities. All at friendly prices so that you can take advantage of (almost) all the activities on offer.

The Algarve Nature Week also includes an exhibition at Quatro Águas in Tavira, on the first three days of the event, of various companies that operate in nature tourism in the Algarve. This is a great opportunity to get to know them and discover the programme of experiences that they have created for you. Admission is free.

Algarve Nature Week - Loving the Algarve, naturally!

Find more information at:

Story of a brand for Portugal as a tourism destination

The creative pathway of Portuguese artist José de Guimarães in the development of the symbol of Portugal as a tourism destination, created 25 years ago.


Ryanair with new daily route Porto-Frankfurt

Ryanair has announced that this winter will operate daily flights from Frankfurt to Porto as part of the 2017 winter schedule. This route joins with other recently announced flights.

This new route of the Low Cost company joins the already extended offer for this continental hub, provided by Lufthansa. Ryanair Executive Director Michael O'Leary has been in Porto to announce the new winter routes the low-cost airline will make from Porto Airport.

The route to Naples twice a week is one of the main novelties, and join to the ten routes that are already in operation and will be kept for the first time during the winter of 2017.

The company says it will create more than 3,000 jobs in Porto, citing an ACI survey that confirms that an average of 750 jobs are created at international airports for every million passengers.

Source: Porto Travel 

TAP adds Cologne to its european network

Company reinforces its positioning in Europe with new route launched in Germany

As from now on, it is already possible for TAP customers to book flights to Cologne, Germany, the new destination to be inaugurated next Summer, to where TAP will fly twice a day, beginning on July 15. Cologne thus becomes the 8th new destination to be launched by TAP in coming Summer 2017.

With this new route to Cologne, which will operate to the Cologne / Bonn Airport (serving both cities) TAP will now fly to seven destinations in Germany in the whole: Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, thereby further reinforcing its presence in the German market. 

Cologne will then be part of the new 2017 destinations already announced by TAP – Toronto (Canada), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Stuttgart (Germany), Gran Canaria and Alicante (Spain), Bucharest (Romania) and Budapest (Hungary) – thus adding to consolidate the Portuguese airline’s positioning in Europe.

The direct flights between Lisbon and Cologne will operate with the Embraer 190 aircraft, with seat capacity for 106 passengers, and two daily frequencies, departing  Lisbon at 12:30 and 19:05, and returning from Cologne at 17:20 and 06:00 (the following day) respectively.

The Cologne/Bonn Airport is strategically located between both cities, serves more than 40 airlines and reports around 11 million passengers per year.

Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf – to where TAP operates daily flights – are all located within the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, the largest one in Germany, with close to 11 million inhabitants. Furthermore, with the addition of Stuttgart to TAP’s network, the company will fly to the six largest metropolitan regions in Germany as of next Summer period.

In the first weeks of 2017, TAP has already recorded a growth of 25 per cent in the number of passengers carried  in its European network, with Germany coming on top and posting an increase of 27 per cent . With the launch of operations to the new destinations, TAP will increase its offer to Europe in 12 per cent this summer, with Germany alone growing 44 per cent . 

Source: Tap Portugal 

Blue Air connects Turin to Lisbon

Blue Air, the hybrid low cost airline, announced today a new direct connection between Turin and Lisbon, becoming Blue Air’s second route to Lisbon Airport, as it began flights from Bucharest in June this year.

The new flight to Turin starts on the 1st of June 2017, three times a week and will be operated with the company fleet aircraft, Boeing 737-500 with a capacity of 120 seats. 

Interestingly, Lisbon passengers can take advantage of Blue Air’s extended offer of further connections to several Italian destinations via Turin, namely, to Alghero, Catania, Naples, Rome Fiumicino as well as Lamezia Terme. The airline flies to over 90 destinations and has eight operational bases: Bucharest, Bacau, Cluj- Napoca Constanta, Liverpool, Iasi, Larnaca and Turin.

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal is very pleased with this announcement and reinforces that this new route will contribute not only to increase Lisbon Airport’s connectivity and multiplicity of options for outbound passengers but also to the ever growing number incoming tourists to Portugal.

For more information visit the airline website

Source: Ana - Aeroportos de Portugal


Stars Route Festival 2017

Following the success of the “Stars Route” in the previous editions, the gastronomic festival will be repeated in 2017.

The Stars Route Festival takes place exclusively in Michelin-starred restaurants and it was held for the first time in 2010 with the aim of promoting Portuguese haute cuisine.
Since then, it has taken place annually, touring the country from north to south, normally from March to November, and now ventures into Spain as well.

It is currently one of the country’s most important culinary festivals, bringing the major players in haute cuisine together to interact, and promoting its national and international visibility . ..

Come and participate in this route of flavors of excellence !

Events dates:

Madeira Terroir on the 24th of March and Il Gallo D'oro on the 25th-28th of March (Funchal, Madeira Islands)
- L´and on the 21st  of April (Alentejo)
- William on the 23rd and 24th of June (Funchal, Madeira island)

- Casa de Chá da Boa Nova on the 7th of July (Leça da Palmeira)
- Eleven Rio on the on the 21st and 22nd of July (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
- Lab on the 30th of September (Sintra)
- Vila Joya on the 20th and 21st of October (Algarve)
- Eleven on the 11th of November (Lisboa)

Find more information at:


From March 10th to April 2nd, don´t miss the International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos

Anyone with a sweet tooth shouldn’t miss the chance to take part in the International Chocolate Festival in Óbidos

During several days the medieval town’s narrow streets will be transformed into genuine showcases of cakes and sweets that everyone can sample and purchase. 

For younger visitors, the “Kids’ Chocolate House” offers recreational and pedagogical activities and a kitchen where they can prepare several recipes. 

Adults can attend culinary classes where chocolate is always the base ingredient and also watch competitions involving professional pastry-makers, such as the “Chocolatier of the Year” and the “International Competition of Chocolate Recipes”, and also marvel at an array of chocolate sculptures – genuine works of art. 

Opening hours:
Open Friday to Sunday, from 11 am to 08 pm

Ticket Prices:
Adult General entrance ticket (over 12 years old): 6 euros
Children (06 – 11 years old): 3 euros
Ticket price for Groups (over 15 visitors): 5 euros
(Needs previously booking and payment by e-mail or by phone 262 959 231)

More information at: Festival


From 15 to 19 March don't miss the 2017 edition of BTL - Lisbon International Tourism Fair

BTL- Lisbon International Tourism Fair,  is an event full of challenges and proposals and has always an extensive programme of activities running concurrently to the fair, which alone justify your presence at this event. From music, tastings and samplings, to conferences and workshops on the sector.
For professionals working in the tourism sector it is an opportunity to find professional buyers, to know the competition. To analyse market trends and position your offer in an innovative and competitive way.
For the public, this is the opportunity to discover new destinations and solutions. To compare proposals and buy at highly competitive prices. All this in a spectacular environment of festivity, color and joy, where music and gastronomy are ever-present.
The first 3 days of the event are dedicated to professionals. During the following 2 days, BTL opens its doors to the general public

March 2017 "Follow Me": Lisbon monthly tourist Guide for visitors

Before you visit Lisbon, check "Follow me Lisboa" and discover what´s happening in the Lisboa region during the month of March.

Follow Me Lisboa is a monthly tourist Guide for visitors.

A bilingual publication in Spanish and English, it is a pocket-sized publication containing the main cultural and other events to interest to the tourist and a complete itinerary to museums, monuments, parks, gardens, hotels and restaurants.

Find more about Lisboa region at:
- Brochure "Lisbon City Breaks"
- Brochure Lisbon: " A whole world to explore

Algarve Events Guide for March 2017

Going to the Algarve during the month of March? So discover here what’s happening in the Algarve region.

The Algarve is known for its beaches, natural landscapes, bars and golf courses. And for its restaurants, hotels, monuments, and of course, for entertainment.

The offer of entertainment destination is diversified and includes events of public and private partners that invite you to enjoy emotions and traditions, sounds and regional flavors, that the Algarve Tourism organizes in this guide leaflet.

Find more information about the Algarve at:
Algarve Map 
- Program "365 Algarve

In September come to Oporto to watch the Red Bull Air Race – the world's most exciting air race!

If you like competitions that test pilots' aeronautics skills don't miss the Red Bull Air Race world circuit over the River Douro, on 2-3 September, that returns to Portugal  for the first time since 2009.
©Red Bull
This competition consists of a slalom race - where the world's most skilful pilots manoeuvre around obstacles in flights that almost touch the ground and trace tight circles. In addition to great speed, this competition also requires minute precision and dexterity, since the smallest error can jeopardize the performance.
In addition to the city of Oporto (whose historic center is a World Heritage site), the air race world circuit will be held in other parts of the globe, including Abu Dhabi, San Diego, Chiba, Budapest, Kazan, Lausitz and Indianapolis. 

More information at: Bull Air Race

Condor connects Hannover to Madeira

The German airline Condor started a new route to Madeira on the last 23rd of February, this time from the city of Hannover.
Flights will run weekly on Thursdays and will be operated with an Airbus A320 aircraft with a capacity of 180 passengers.

Condor already connects the Island of Madeira to the German cities of Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Leipzig. Hannover will thus be the 7th connection offered by this airline.

To mark this new operation, Madeira Airport welcomed the arrival of the passengers on the inaugural flight with flowers and Madeira wine.

Source: VisitMadeira

Porto Airport voted best in Europe in category of 5 to 15 million passenger

Porto Airport, was chosen by ACI – Airports Council International as the best in Europe among airports with dimensions from 5 to 15 million passengers. 
Porto Airport  ©AeroportoPorto
The award follows the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) study, the leading worldwide benchmark in the Evaluation of Passenger Satisfaction – 2016 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards.
The results of this study are based on questionnaires filled out by passengers who thus transmit their opinion on 34 indicators, namely regarding the services offered by the airports in terms of customer service, waiting times, staff courtesy, cleanliness of facilities and comfort. 
In this evaluation,
Porto Airport was also chosen as the third best in Europe in the category of airports with over 2 million passengers.
“We are proud to find out we were once again chosen by our passengers as one of the best airports in Europe. This is our ninth award in the past ten years and it is especially important for us at a time when the number of passengers at the Porto Airport surpassed 9 million, resulting from a 16% growth vis-à-vis 2015”, commented Jorge Ponce de Leão, CEO of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal (VINCI Airports).   
“These awards also show that we are implementing the right strategy when focusing on measures toward raising awareness and mobilizing resources and service providers for the continuous improvement of the quality of service provided to passengers”, added Jorge Ponce de Leão.
Between 2006 and 2011, Porto Airport ranked consecutively in the top three places, obtaining first prize in 2007. After a one-year hiatus, it was once again awarded in 2013, 2014 and 2015 with the third place, a place it now wins back. This year adds a victory in the category of 5 to 15 million passengers per year, in Europe.
This distinction is another positive addition to Porto’s international attractiveness, adding to the recently won title of “Best European Destination 2017”, by European Best Destination. 
ACI – Airports Council International is the only worldwide trade association of airport operators. 

ACI Europe represents over 500 airports in 45 countries, responsible for over 90% of the commercial air traffic in Europe and for the movement of over 1.9 billion passengers annually.

Source: ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal