International Day for Monuments and Sites: 18th of April 2017

The 18th of April will see the celebration of another International Day for Monuments and Sites promoted by ICOMOS.

This year the theme is “Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism”, which has inspired a diverse programme of activities involving historic monuments and sites around the country. Aimed at very different audiences - children, young people, adults, people with special needs, families and groups - visitors will be able to enjoy attractive and unusual experiences that will include artistic performances, street entertainment, historical recreations, workshops, thematic visits, visits to places that are usually closed, inauguration of exhibitions and conferences.

The programme can be found here.

This initiative, which has been taking place since 1982, is designed to make citizens aware of the diversity and vulnerability of the heritage, and draw their attention to its protection and appreciation.

The choice of the theme for 2017 is part of the "International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development" defined by the United Nations, recognizing the great potential of the tourism industry in local development. In an age of globalisation, profound social change and paradigm shifts, heritage and cultural diversity are key to tourism, in that they value cultural differences and increase knowledge about and respect for communities.

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