Madeira Yearly Events 2018

The archipelago is known for its breathtaking landscapes and its amazing natural beauty, but Madeira and Porto Santo also have a large and unique cultural heritage which you, certainly, will not want to miss. 

For its traditions, cultural diversity and natural conditions, Madeira offers a calendar of events with a large variety, allyear long, which will absolutely provide you with the most rich and genuine experiences. Be sure to get to know the archipelago’snatural beauty, but don’t forget to take the opportunity to discover Madeira’s true culture and local essence

Find all about local events and enjoy a diverse set of truly Madeiran moments! Culture, sports, gastronomy, nature and religion are the main reasons that motivate most of festivities and events that take place in the Island throughout the year. 

The highlight of all these events are the so called “Arraiais” - madeiran traditional festivities that combine religious and pagan traditions, throughout the Island’s parishes, that come alive with music, food and colored ornaments. 

Traditional songs contests in the streets gathered with Folklore dances and the typical Folklore costumes (hat and boots included), the “brinquinho” (traditional instrument of Madeira’s folklore), the colourful candy necklaces (also very traditional), the “poncha” (typical drink), the “bolo do caco” (traditional bread) and the even more traditional, “espetada” (meat grilled on a skewer) are just a few reasons that make these local festivities special and unique. 

Get involved with the local community and get to know Madeira’s true spirit. Make the most of your stay by creating unforgettable memories, starting with the most beautiful corners and landscapes, uncovering some of the local’s little secrets and discovering all there is to know about Madeira! 

Download here the Madeira Yearly Events 2018 calendar.

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