Visit a museum on 18 May and celebrate International Museum Day

This Day, 18th of May, promoted by  ICOM - The International Council of Museums, is marked in Portugal with a great many initiatives and activities designed to raise awareness about museums in a different way from usual.

On this day, when admission is free and the opening hours are extended, take time to discover and learn about areas that are normally restricted. Join in a guided tour, take part in a workshop, atelier, theatre or dance show, performances among many other activities that invite you to come and enjoy a different experience.

On 19 May,  continue to celebrate during European Museum Night, an initiative that many museums are involved in as they open their doors to visitors  outside of normal hours.

This year the programme has been organised with the challenge set by ICOM in mind, the theme being "Hyperconnected Museums: New Approaches, New Publics." The aim is to respond to the interest museums have in strengthening their link with different sectors of the public, either by publicising their collections or by making people aware of the safeguarding and enhancement of cultural heritage by inviting them to participate in the events that museums organise.

Find more information about at: Museum Day

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