Portugal by train: Discover the country at your own pace

Douro ©António Sá
Travel through Portugal by train and simply let yourself be lulled by the train’s rhythm as you gaze at the country’s fabulous landscapes, or combine your journey with breathtaking high adrenaline challenges!

Besides the scheduled journeys, there’s a whole range of special programs designed to help you explore Portugal by train. With so many suggestions to choose from, you’re sure to find one you’ll really enjoy.

Just imagine riding on a steam train that’s been running for over a hundred years! Then add to this the beautiful scenery of the Dourovalley! All this Is possible on the historic train that takes you on a real journey through time.

If you’re more than 12 years old to 30 inclusive, you can purchase an Intra-Rail card and explore Portugal without having to carry your home on your back, since your card guarantees you accommodation at Youth Hostels.

Historic Train ©Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau

At different times of the year, the trains link up with special events or traditional local festivities. For example, the AlmondBlossom Route offers you the breathtaking sight of flowering almond trees in Alto Douro and Trás-os-Montes. But you can also go to the Cherry Route in theSerra da Gardunha or the Grape Harvest Festival in the Alto Douro Wine Region. And there are many more suggestions…

Just imagine where the train can take you. Make your choice and book your seat for the programme you’re most interested in. Have a good trip!

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