New Emergency ID Card: In case of emergency it will speak for you!

The Emergency Card is a document that contains useful information to the emergency response teams in case of emergency.

It is intended to anyone who is in Portugal and can be obtained free of charge from the official websites of the promoting entities.

After downloading the document, fill-in the blank fields directly in the PDF and print in A4 format. Cut to size and keep it in your wallet so that it is easily found in an emergency. If there are changes to the entered data, repeat the process.

Link to download:  

Write the full address of your permanent RESIDENCE (where you live regularly and not where you are on vacation) and indicate the telephone number with country code of the police AUTHORITY of this address to facilitate direct contact. Also write the place of STAY IN PORTUGAL where you will stay (locality or lodging). 

Do not forget the country code of the emergency contact. Please be aware that the information entered is at your own risk and that this not for use as an official identification document. Your data will not be stored in any database, it will be limited to the completed document.

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