2020 Pairs With Portugal

We believe that Portugal is the best country to appreciate great wine and good living. Wine pairs with wonder, wine pairs with Portugal: 

Portugal wants you: For a great vacation in 2020

The recent award from the World Travel Awards, which considered Portugal the World’s Best Destination, for the third time in a row, has just confirmed the current trend, also acknowledged by many guides, travel writers, bloggers and the media from around the world specializing in travel and tourism. And do you know why Portugal has been on everyone’s lips? Portugal has seven regions, which in itself indicates that there is a lot to visit and get to know, but we have at least 10 reasons why it is a good choice to visit in 2020:

1. The cities, Lisbon and Porto
If you have only a few days, Lisbon and Porto are two very attractive cities. Lisbon is a city with a special radiance, which comes from the Tagus river and the proximity of the sea. Porto, an ancient city, whose historic centre has been classified as World Heritage, is the point of arrival of the River Douro, on whose valley slopes the famous Port wine is cultivated.

2. Sun, Beach and Sea
The presence of the Atlantic Ocean and the climate, with very sunny summers and mild winters make Portugal a destination renowned for sun and sea and walks on the beach throughout the year. In fact, the Portuguese coast is almost a single beach extending more than 850 km and offering a diversity of landscapes.

3. Walking and cycling trips
The Natural Parks and Reserves, Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves recognised by UNESCO have ensured that Portugal is also a destination very appreciated for enjoying outdoor activities, like trails on foot or by bike
4. Paths of Faith
The Portuguese Road to Santiago and the Paths of Fátima are increasingly sought out by those who like walking a purpose, focusing on knowledge, nature and culture. The Jews have also left their mark, particularly in Central Portugal, providing another reason for exploration.

5. Surfing

On the mainland and in the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores alike, the Portuguese coast offers great waves every day. Surfers of all types find it here a large number of spots, like Peniche, Nazaré or Ericeira, that makes surfing a 365 days a year activity in Portugal. 

6. Music Festivals

Music festivals can be a good excuse to come to Portugal. The choice is yours, depending on what music you like, there are international festivals near to cities, in a rural environment, next to the river, or in combination with some nice days at the beach.

7. Golf
Portugal is internationally renowned as a golf destination, having won the award for best golf destination in Europe and the world, at the World Golf Awards, for several times.  Excellent courses in stunning settings like the Algarve and Lisbon regions, a mild climate all year round and the friendly welcome given to golfers, makes Portugal an amazing destination for golf.

8. World Heritage

The 25 classifications in Portugal portray the history, culture and tradition of the country, its people and the peoples that have inhabited the land since time immemorial. 

9. Gastronomy and Wines
Portuguese gastronomy and it´s chefs are greatly appreciated. The country’s location and the proximity of the Atlantic explain the prominence, which is given to fish and seafood. These taste even better when enjoyed with the huge variety of top quality table wines, and ended with a Port or Madeira, accompanied by a Pastel de Nata. 

10. The People...

One of the things that tourists notice most when they visit us, is the hospitality and friendliness of the Portuguese, who are always ready to help if they are stopped on the street and asked for information. 

Portugal awaits you in 2020. Happy New Year!

New year´s Eve 2019/20 in Setúbal

Setúbal welcomes 2020 with celebrations along the riverfront, including three stages with musical performances, street food trailers along the river bank and fireworks on the river Sado.

It will be another Blue New Year’s Eve (Fim de Ano Azul)  in one of the most beautiful bays in the world. All the events are free and take place in three stages:

  • Dolphin Tent – Fishermen’s Wharf | Dany Silva
    10h30 p.m – 00h00 a.m.
  • Fishermen’s House Stage | DJ FRIDAYBOYZ RFM | Pedro Simões
    00h15 a.m. – 01h30 a.m.
  • Rockalot Stage – Saúde Beach | Rui do Cabo Band
    22h30 p.m. – 02h30 a.m.
At midnight, the fireworks will fill the river Sado with light and colour, following the countdown shown.

The longest night of the year is also celebrated in several restaurants and bars located along the riverfront and the Luísa Todi Avenue, which will remain open till late and entertain all those who choose Setúbal to welcome 2020.

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Algarve events guide for January 2020

Going to the Algarve during the month of January 2020? So discover here what’s happening in the Algarve region.

The Algarve is known for its beachesnatural landscapes, bars and golf courses. And for its restaurants, hotels, monuments, and of course, for entertainment. The offer of entertainment destination is diversified and includes events of public and private partners that invite you to enjoy emotions and traditions, sounds and regional flavors, that the Algarve Tourism organizes in this guide leaflet.
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Algarve Map


New Year 2019/20 in the Algarve

Christmas is over. Now it's time to look forward and think about New Year's Eve. How about a trip to the Algarve?

In celebrating the last day of 2019, several municipalities in the Algarve put on a show for the longest night of the year. 
There are programmes for all tastes and ages, from street entertainment, free music events and fireworks, restaurants and hotels with lots on offer to make New Year’s Eve more glamorous, a fantastic atmosphere and the Algarve’s warm hospitality.

The setting is perfect, you won’t want to miss it; the only thing missing is you. Come and see in the New Year in the Algarve, you are our guest of honour!

Do you feel like having a smashing New Year's Eve? The choice is easy: Madeira!

If there’s a place to come and celebrate life, then that place is Madeira. As each year draws to a close, the end is commemorated of yet another cycle of 365 days that have been lived as intensely as our memory allows us to recall.

The Christian traditions of Christmas time combine with the displays of rejoicing at the arrival of the New Year, in a rich and extensive programme of cultural, ethnographic and artistic events that continue throughout the month of December and carry on till Twelfth Night.

The specific conditions of Funchal’s naturally-formed amphitheatre transform it into a giant crib lit by the thousands of lights placed up and down the city’s main avenues, resulting in a most extraordinary scenario. Allow yourself to be tempted by the wares in the shops of Funchal and give yourself up to the frenzied activity of shopping. Here you can buy anything from the latest international brands to the most diverse handicraft articles. Funchal is like a giant outdoor shopping centre.

An island in festival, both at the hotels and in the restaurants, bars and streets, where, in order to mark the transition to the New Year, the skies of Funchal are lit up with a gigantic firework display that lasts for a good ten minutes. This is undoubtedly the dawning of a whole new life! 

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Algarve events guide for December 2019

Going to the Algarve during the month of December 2019? So discover here what’s happening in the Algarve region.

The Algarve is known for its beachesnatural landscapes, bars and golf courses. And for its restaurants, hotels, monuments, and of course, for entertainment. The offer of entertainment destination is diversified and includes events of public and private partners that invite you to enjoy emotions and traditions, sounds and regional flavors, that the Algarve Tourism organizes in this guide leaflet.
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Algarve Map

New Year Concerts in Porto

Miguel Araújo and Tiago Nacarato, are the confirmed names for the New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 in the city of Porto. Avenida dos Aliados will be, as usual, the stage of all celebrations, in a party that combines music, fireworks and plenty of entertainment until the early hours.

The first to step on stage will be Tiago Nacarato, starting at 10:30 pm, debuting solo in the largest "hall" in the city.

After the traditional pyromusical show, launched from the Porto City Hall building, at midnight, it will be time for the acclaimed Miguel Araújo to step in the Avenida for the first big concert of 2020.

The party will then continue with the duo Radiola, which brings together the DJs Gonçalo Mendonça and Francisco Aires Pereira, two of the biggest promoters of the city’s nightlife.



Come celebrate the New Year of 2020 in Lisbon

Praça do Comércio_Lisboa © ATL
Lisbon will be filled with light, music, entertainment and a big party, to celebrate the New Year of 2020, in one of the city’s most iconic squares - Terreiro do Paço, in what promises to be an unforgettable night.

As is usual, Terreiro do Paço will host a stage on which various artists will perform and provide the rhythm for the last nights of the year 2019.
On the 29th, the show begins at 18 pm, and will be dedicated to classical music, with a specially designed orchestra with Maestro Cesário Costa and a repertoire for this date. 
Over the next two days, starting at 9:30 pm, some of the biggest names in the Portuguese music scene, like José Cid (on the 30th) and Xutos & Pontapés and Ornatos Violeta (in the 31st)  will take the stage, with musicians and sound bands from the pop rock scene. 
On end of the night of the 31st, this special location with the river Tejo as its backdrop, will be transformed into a fantastic scene when the 12th bell tolls and the sky fills with fireworks. 
Happy New Year!

A toast to Portugal

Portuguese drinks are always a good choice!

Starting in the North, the Vinho Verde Wine Route runs from Minho to Douro. This is a region whose vineyards are worth a visit and birthplace of Alvarinho. It is in the Alto Douro Wine Region, created in 1756, that Port wine is produced. Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the Douro valley, populated by farms traditionally linked to wine, is possible to get from Porto, where the Port Wine Lodges are, and be discovered on board of a cruise ship.

In the central region, the Bairrada route, is famous by its sparkling wine, and in Óbidos the attraction is the Ginjinha, preferably drunk from a small chocolate cup. The Alentejo, is a fertile region in wine tourism units, with several leading worldwide wine producers. In Setúbal don´t forget to taste a fortified wine called Moscatel. In the Algarve, drink orange juice, or try Medronho or fig brandy and bitter almond liqueur, excellent digestives.

The famous Madeira wine, is made from more than 30 grape varieties, being the best Sercial, Boal, Verdelho and Malvasia, drunk as an aperitif or a digestive. It is also from sugar cane that the famous poncha brandy is made, prepared with honey and lemon.

What about tasting a wine that grows on basaltic rock? This is the Landscape of the PicoIsland Vineyard Culture in Azores, UNESCO World Heritage. There are also passion fruit and pineapple liqueurs, but did you know that the Island of São Miguel is the only tea-producing place in Europe? Here you can have a cup of green or black Tea.

Atlantic islands from Portugal: When nature makes wonders

Imagine, a swimming pool overlooking the sea, seaweed baths, saltwater massages, “zen” therapies and ocean sunsets…Where? In a spa in the middle of the Atlantic! Stop dreaming, and take the holidays you deserve in the islands of the Azores or Madeira, in Portugal!

Transform relaxation into energy! Play golf on spectacular courses, or rediscover nature by following the numerous trails and Levadas (irrigation channels). Sea-views abound wherever you go, and, for the more adventurous, a climb to the Areeiro and Ruivo Peaks will take you above the clouds, with the island of Madeira at your feet.

TheLaurisilva forest of Madeira is a UNESCO World Heritage and a paradisiacal setting that has been preserved for thousands of years, just waiting to be discovered by you! 

Prepare to be amazed by the landscapes in the Azores, nine islands, a Geopark, unique worldwide, offering 121 geosites scattered throughout the islands and surrounding marine area, mirroring the vast volcanic geodiversity of the archipelago. The huge array of activities offered means you could be visiting a UNESCO Heritage Site one day, like the vineyards in Pico, and walking up a snow-capped mountain and soaking in thermal rock pools the next, then swimming with wild dolphins and watching sperm whales the day after.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, nature lover or just want to relax on a beautiful, exotic island, the Azores and Madeira has something for you.


Chistmas Shopping in Portugal

Do you already have your Christmas list for family and friends? The Christmas season is great for a mini holiday in Lisbon or Porto as it is not very cold and there are still some sunny days. This is great for going for a walk in the city and starting to do your Christmas shopping.

The streets are filled with lights and the decoration changes over the weeks with stars, balls of different colours, Christmas trees, and other decorations and traditional nativity scenes. The fact that it gets dark earlier, as we are already in winter time, is a good reason to get to know a livelier city. And the historic centres are places of excellence to find the last trends in fashion and great ideas for Christmas presents.

Make the most of the promotions from airlines and hotel Christmas programmes which always have special offers during this season.

Unique Chistmas presents for all

We suggest Portuguese souvenirs which can be found in the usual shopping areas:
quality clothing, shoe brands that can be found around the world, bags and accessories made of cork (the latest trend) or articles made from pure wool from the centre of Portugal, in sackcloth. And you can of course choose the small Christmas markets, fairs and sales where you can always find a unique gift for everybody.

Portuguese cuisine also has products of excellence which are a great source of inspiration for Christmas presents: wines, olive oils, preserves (traditional industries that currently have gourmet specialties), sweets, jam or dried fruit.

And during this season, traditional sweets are a temptation! You must try the Bolo-rei (King's Cake), "sonhos" (traditional deep fried sweet soft pastry normally eaten at Christmas), "rabanadas" (type of French toast) and "filhós" (traditional deep fried sweet pastry sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon). While shopping, roast chestnut venders on the streets are always a good excuse to take a break and try this seasonal delicacy.

And why not give a trip for the New Year in Portugal?

The Christmas season is also favourable for musical programmes and a lot of entertainment in the historic centres. Have a look at the list of events in,  which will be updated with the most recent events and suggestions for your next to Portugal.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas! 

Penela Presépio: The biggest animated crib in Portugal

A unique crib, the Penela Crib, the biggest animated crib in Portugal, will be on this Christmas in Penela city between day December 1st and January 6th.

It's not the first time Penela receives this Portugal Crib Village in its castle. This is a nativity scene "live", occupying an area of 700 square meters, where hundreds of wooden animated figures create the pictures, the traditional Portuguese nativity scene. These 3D figures are hand painted and show activities, traditions and stories alluding to this holiday season.

There are many other attractions, such as storytellers for children, a map of the sky, live recreation of ancient crafts, entertainment and street theater, less common animals shows, creative arts workshop and, as might be , a market and a Christmas train, among many others!

Until the 5th of January 2020, don´t miss Viseu Christmas

From November 29th to January 5th, Viseu is an irresistible destination for Christmas and New Year! In winter, Viseu breathes the Christmas spirit. 

The city streets are filled with light and color, to the sound of gentle melodies that feed the imagination of young and old.  In this court, the garden city becomes city light. Be amazed by the musical performances, Christmas markets, nativity scenes, workshops and animations. Long live the garden city dressed in City of Light and rediscover Christmas traditions.

An opportunity to purchase traditional products and Christmas gifts, try local, national and other flavors, have fun and enjoy different music groups and choirs.

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Did you know that in some areas of Portugal, there's a ceremony called the "burning of a yule-log" in a large bonfire in the churchyard?

Madeiro de Natal na Guarda by Olivia Guerra 
In the heart of Portugal, in the inland region, Christmas is marked by the ceremony known as the "burning of the yule-log" (Madeiro de Natal), on Christmas Eve night. 

This ceremony is particularly popular in the area stretching from Trás-os-Montes to the Alto Alentejo, covering towns and villages in the districts of Bragança, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Penamacor and Portalegre.

This ritual is essentially a community celebration, being an occasion when the private habit of gathering together around the fire is brought outside the home helping to consolidate the cohesiveness of the local group. A huge bonfire is made in the churchyard, or in another similar space where the local population can meet after the Missa do Galo. The bonfire can sometimes be as high as the church and is left to burn all night long until it finally goes out. What remains is then stored away and used throughout the winter.

The lighting of the bonfire is preceded by the ritual gathering of the wood, which is then transported to the site of the bonfire by different means depending on the respective region. In some places, the logs or tree stumps that are to be used in the communal bonfire are immediately put to one side when the wood is gathered at the beginning of the winter. In other places, a special group of people is formed to gather the wood, an activity which takes place either on 8 December (the day of the Immaculate Conception), or a few days before Christmas or even on Christmas Eve itself, to ensure that everything will be ready for the night. The wood can be either offered or stolen, which does not in any way alter the actual performance of the various tasks, although it may change the way in which the wood arrives at the site of the bonfire. If the wood is given, there will be a party held with great pomp and circumstance, at which the person offering the wood will also distribute wine to those present. If the wood is stolen, then it is left at the site of the bonfire early in the morning, in anticipation of the owner´s subsequent protests.

Madeiro de Natal_CM Penamacor
In some villages in the district of Castelo Branco, this ritual has developed a number of specific features that have been maintained over the years. Here, the task of gathering the logs is entrusted to the young unmarried men and those who have been called up for military service. In recent times, married men have also begun to help in gathering the wood, due to the changes in everyday habits and the decrease in population as a result of the colonial wars and emigration.

The wood is cut and transported either on Christmas Eve or on the preceding Sunday. In the village, the local population waits for the group´s arrival, which is announced by the church bells, transforming this event into a moment of great celebration, frequently accompanied by music and singing. At midnight, the bonfire is lit to coincide with the beginning of the mass.

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Cabeça, Christmas Village 2019

The first 100% eco-sustainable Christmas village is held again this year in Cabeça, near Seia.

©Pedro Ribeiro
The festival is unique in the country in terms of decoration: all the materials used are taken from nature. It is also the first Led Village of Portugal. 

©Pedro Ribeiro

All this decoration, which includes the famous Serra da Estrela wool, is made and prepared by the residents, who receive visitors in their homes.

It thus creates an environment at the same time magical and familiar, entitled to musical performances, theater plays, film screenings and hiking, among other activities. 

Find more information at:ça, Christmas Village days on Serra da Estrela

Lisbon: Christmas & New Year's Eve Party'19

Lisboa prepares to host the most festive season of the year, and these festivities continue into the New Year.

In December, Lisboa becomes more even more colourful and warm. The thousands of bright Christmas lights decorating the city transform it into a real Christmas tale setting. 

Christmas fairs are held all around town, as well as enjoying the season's own festive spirit. The churches are filled with music and the city's main square - Terreiro do Paço - becomes the perfect host for these festivities that continue into the New Year.

And whilst on a visit to Terreiro do Paço, this is also the ideal opportunity to discover the Lisboa Story Centre, one of the exhibit venues in the Portuguese capital, inviting kids and adults to learn about the history of the city, in an educational and interactive way.

During this holiday season, the traditional delicacies such as "Bolo Rei" (fruit cake) the 
irresistible "Sonhos" or the renowned "Rabanadas" (French toast) can be enjoyed in cafes and patisseries all over Lisboa. 

And why not go in search of the best "Bolo Rei" in town? Year after year, the competition is fierce and the recipes are enhanced to the customer's delight. 

After indulging in the Christmas delicacies, prepare to lose the calories gained at the famous São Silvestre race!

And it's with one's family and among friends that Lisboa usually celebrates the New Year. On the night of December 31, the city brightens up to welcome the year 2019.

Thousands of people take to the streets to celebrate, especially in the Historic Centre, Bairro Alto, Santos and Parque das Nações.

In keeping with tradition, the big party is held in Terreiro do Paço, where there will be performances and a firework display to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

Azores: World's first archipelago to be certified under the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination program

In a significant milestone, the Azores is world's first certified archipelago to be certified under the EarthCheck Sustainable Destination program. The certification was awarded during the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Conference on Terceira Island.

The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, is renowned for its unique archipelago of islands characterized by dramatic landscapes, stunning coast lines and charming villages. The Azores Government, in partnership with the community and the tourism industry, has made a commitment to preserve its rich culture and marine ecosystems and be recognized globally as a sustainable destination for holidays, business and lifestyle.

This commitment to sustainability and destination management is especially significant at a time when many destinations in Europe have recognized the need to manage overtourism.

The EarthCheck Sustainable Destinations Program provides a scientific framework to measure and monitor environmental and social impact, and to track destination performance against both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the GSTC Destination criteria and EarthCheck’s own Destination Standard, which is currently being used across four continents and eight countries.

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December 2019 "Follow Me": Lisbon monthly tourist Guide for visitors

Before you visit Lisbon, check "Follow me Lisboa" and discover what´s happening in the Lisboa region during the month of  December "Follow Me Lisboa" is a monthly tourist Guide for visitors.

A bilingual guide in Spanish/English, and in Portuguese/French, it is a pocket-sized publication containing the main cultural and other events to interest to the tourist and a complete itinerary to museums, monuments, parks, gardens, hotels and restaurants.

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