Pilgrimage routes

Whether driven by an act of faith or the simple pleasure of walking, explore the several routes of soul-searching in Portugal!

If you are Catholic and devoted to the Virgin Mary, you’ll find many Marian sanctuaries and forms of worship. Fátima, where the Holy Mary appeared to the three shepherd children, is the most important place of worship. It is known as the town of peace and nobody, believer or not, can be indifferent to it.

There are many routes to follow but the pilgrimage route leading to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, that has been linking important places of worship since the XII century, represents a strong sign of European cultural identity. Join the pilgrims coming from all over the world to walk the Portuguese Route to discover the country’s historical heritage and be in communion with nature.

Another important part of pilgrimage history in Portugal is the life of the Sephardi Jews.Hidden for centuries, this community is now recognised for its historical and cultural heritage and the important contributions they made to the development of navigation, medicine and economics. While you’re on the road, visit the churches and the sanctuaries, veritable museums! Admire the golden wood-carved altars, the “azulejos” (decorated majolica lining the walls) and the sacred art, royal icons of the culture of the Portuguese people.

During your journey to Santiago you’ll discover many other manifestations of worship celebrated with pilgrimages and feast-days all over the country. Take part in a festival and start on your spiritual journey of peace, joy and self-discovery.

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