From the 2nd to the 4th of August don't miss the 2013 edition of the Madeira Wine Rally

The European Rally Championship is hosted in the spectacular landscapes of the island of Madeira in August.

The European Rally Championship is the oldest international competition organised by organised by FIA (the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), and includes 10 events in 10 European countries. The Madeira Wine rally is one of the most important events in the championship and is the region’s biggest automobile event, attracting thousands of spectators to mountainous areas in search of a better place to watch the vehicles as they thunder by.

The rally is named after one of the main products in Madeira, the liqueur wine that was already highly popular in European courts in the 18th century due to its unique aroma and flavour.

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Douro Film Harvest 2013 edtion: 14-21 September

From the 14th to the 21th of September, come and see the Douro Film Harvest in the region where the world famous Port wine is produced.

This international film festival will be attended by internationally famous actors and directors and coincides with the time of the grape harvest, a period that brings great life and excitement to the Alto Douro Wine Region.

For five days, the festival will screen previously unseen films, independent films and others that have already been awarded prizes, which will be competing for the Turismo do Douro prize. The films are selected in accordance with very strict criteria and will be in perfect harmony with the romanticism of this wine region’s natural landscapes.

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Óbidos Medieval market 2013

From the July 11th - August 4th, visit the Obidos medieval market, and back in time.

Surrounded by its high town walls, Obidos is the ideal scenario for hundreds of extras and actors, fully dressed in medieval costumes, who animate the town’s streets, as they portray noblemen, beggars, mule-drivers, jugglers, musicians, jesters and dancers.

The main site of the entertainment events is located next to the castle, which will be the location of jousting tournaments, on horse and on foot, medieval dinners and the market, where everything is sold from medieval costumes to traditional home-made medical remedies.

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Extreme Sailing Series returns to Porto: 25-28 July

From the 25th to the 28th of July at Oporto, do not miss the Act 5 of the Extreme Sailing Series global tour, an international inshore racing circuit, known as the Formula 1 of sailing.

This spectacular circuit brings together the best skippers on the planet - from Olympic medalists to round-the-world record holders - competing against each other in state of the art 40-foot catamarans. The crews, racing identical speed machines, battle it out on short courses set very close to the shore and at the heart of cities, in order to bring the action to the public, who sometimes stands less than 5 meters away from the boats!

Porto will host Act 5 of Extreme Sailing Series, that will also take place in other seven countries of the world – Oman, Singapore, China, Turkey, United Kingdom, France and Brazil.

Tens of thousands of spectators are expected to line the banks of the river Douro on both the Porto and Gaia sides to watch the Extreme 40s in action as current Series leaders Alinghi set out to defend their position.

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From Régua to Tua: “slowtravel “on-board of the historical train in the Douro Valley!

Between 13 July and 5 October, on Saturday, it will be possible again to travel along one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, classifies World Cultural Heritage by Unesco in 2001, always side by side with the Douro river, between the Station of Peso da Régua and the Station of Tua, stopping at the beautiful Station of Pinhão, embellished with tiles dating back to the 18th century, illustrating the work in the vineyards.

This year, the old steam locomotive is replaced by a diesel from the 1960’s, but the wagons still take us back to a bygone age, in which time seemed to have last longer.

The historical train departs from the station in Peso da Régua at 15:21 and arrives to the station in Tua at 16:31. On the return the train departs from Tua at 17:23 and gets to Régua at 18:34.

Prices change according to the chosen package which comprises a connection to Regional, Interregional, Alfa and Intercidades trains, going from 40€ for the North package to 70€ for the Algarve package. Children from 5 to 12 years old have 50% discount.

During the travel, passengers will be accompanied by a typical folk group who will share with them part of the Douro culture, and the possibility to taste the typical “bola de carne” and the unique Douro wine.

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Email – cohistorico@cp.ptTelephone - +351 221 052 503/ 511/ 524 

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Madeira launches new digital promotional material

The Madeira Tourism Board has recently launched various online leaflets through which Internet users can access more information and promotional details on Madeira Islands, particularly on Trekking, Short Breaks and Gardens.

These new brochures are published in digital format in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German, and can be accessed on a platform created for the publication and sharing of documents:

Here, internet users can also find other catalogs, leaflets, guides and tourist information, and also is able to access different links and multimedia contents in real time and at no cost.

Adopting this accessing method will also contribute to protecting the environment, given the reduction in the use of paper.     Source: Madeira Tourism


From July 18-27, don´t miss the music festival FMM Sines "Festival Músicas do Mundo"

FMM Sines - Festival Músicas do Mundo - Organisation
Each year,in July, the largest Portuguese event in the area of world music is held, the Festival Músicas do Mundo – the World Music Festival - in Sines, Alentejo region.

Organised by the local City Council, the event is designed for an audience of music discoverers, who come to Sines for the quality of the programme, the spectacular venues and a spirit regarded as unique among Portugal’s summer festivals.

One of the festival’s venues is Sines Castle, a setting and space that shows the great range and wealth of the world’s different cultural expressions, in what is considered to be one of the country’s most democratic cultural events.

The 15th edition of the festival will take place in July 18-27, 2013, offering 43 shows, the biggest lineup ever in the festival’s history, celebrating its 15th anniversary. From Hermeto Pascoal to Rokia Traoré, from Trilok Gurtu to Femi Kuti, the voices of the world are in Sines, southwest Portugal.

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It start´s today the Arts Festival in ‪Coimbra‬

From July 16th to 23rd, Coimbra will host the 5th edition of the Coimbra Art Festival, promoted by Inês de Castro Foundation, and the main theme will be”Nature". 

This is an eclectic festival offering public exposure to all kinds of artistic expression: music, painting, theatre, literature, cinema, photography and much more besides! 

The Festival will mainly take place in the spectacular open-air amphitheatre at the Quinta das Lágrimas.

Absolutely outstanding!

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