The Gastronomy & Wines of Porto and the North of Portugal

Land of sea, plains and mountains, Porto and the North of Portugal’s gastronomy is as diverse as the landscape where its ingredients are produced and tasted. 

Known for its hospitality, the region is generous when it is time to provide a good table service. And it has a wide variety of dishes (of fish, sea food, meat or regional and convent-made confectionery), cooked with local ingredients. With four demarcated wine regions, the region also supplies a wine for each occasion. 

In the many wines of excellent quality that are produced here, there is one that is known all around the world – the Port Wine, produced in the world's oldest demarcated region – but there are others waiting to be tasted, such as the reds and whites of Douro and the greens of the Minho Region.

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Source: ARPT Porto and the North

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