Lisbon was considered by Conde Nast's Jaunted the 2013 destination of the year

Every year Conde Nast's Jaunted website gives the Jaunted Travel Awards —The Jauntys - and in the category of "The 2013 Destination of the Year is..." the award went to the city of Lisbon.

According to the Jaunted site:
"We learned a very valuable lesson very early on in our journey through Portugal: The fact that a city/town/country has been on the map forever in no way means that it has been discovered.

From our first steps through the streets of Lisbon, the Portuguese city upon the hill, it became clear that Americans have,for whatever reason, been ignoring Portugal. Even the most basic of observations we made were raising the eyebrows of our colleagues and friends back in the States—a good example being that Lisbon looks just like SanFrancisco.
As a result, we put together some basic travel packages to help you get to know the city, including the five words you'll want to know before your visit and a compact neighborhood guide. We also spent some time in the south, learning to surf in the small town of Sagres and taking a wild drive along the rocky coastline.

This spring, we'll be headed back to Portugal to check out Porto and the Azores, a group of adventure travel-oriented Portuguese islands just a four-hour flight from Boston. While we have learned that expectations are the devil when it comes to travel, we can't help but have high hopes given how much we enjoyed our first jaunt through the country."

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