Madeira starts new promotion campaign

Madeira Tourism has launched an online campaign with the aim of promoting the region as an all year round destination and to highlight the recent recognition as Europe’s Leading Island destination, by the 2013 World Travel Awards. 

This campaign is intended for online media focusing on UK and German markets. Other countries will also be targeted such as Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherland and Scandinavia.

Under the slogan " Madeira, all year round ", this multi-platform campaign kicked off on January 2nd, for 24 hours, on the day that the British population returns to work after the Christmas holidays, hence Madeira hopefully makes a massive impact on all web visitors that accessed to YouTube in the UK. 

A 30-second video of Madeira was displayed, incorporated in a banner Masthead type, which occupies the entire width of the YouTube homepage. The Masthead links to the Madeira Tourism YouTube Channel, where visitors find many videos about the destination. 

This same campaign was repeated on January 7th on Youtube Germany.

The Masthead will be also be complemented by a display and Search Engine Advertising ( SEA ) campaign as from February, which will cover the other markets mentioned. The display campaign begins with an action of great impact (Blast Display), in which over a very short period of time, the Madeira ads will be displayed on hundreds of premium and niche websites on Google affiliate networks, generating destination awareness.

Additionally, a Madeira microsite will be created, where visitors can find general information and content specifically related to Nature, Wellness, Touring, Culture and Landscape. 

Other campaigns will run on TripAdvisor UK and Germany for at least six months. By displaying advertisements of Madeira to targeted audiences according to their profile of research on TripAdvisor, visitors will be directed to Madeira landing pages, created to support the campaigns.

The Masthead Madeira can be seen at this link.

More information about Madeira at:

Source: Associação de Promoção da Madeira

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