Portugal. Romantic settings

Monsaraz ©Turismo do Alentejo
Seek out new inspiration for romance, in Portugal. 

You're sure to discover a special élan in the country’s spectacular landscapes, historic monuments or preserved villages. 

Surrender to the charms of nature in the north and centre of Portugal that exude unique beauty at this time of the year, e.g. the white-capped mountains of the Serrada Estrela. Perhaps you prefer the plains of the Alentejo or the sunny beaches of the Algarve. And in the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and the Azores harbour sites that will ignite your dreams.

Many castles have served as the setting for romance between knights and enchanted Moorish princesses and several gardens still preserve the memories of royal passion from the history of Portugal. Draw inspiration from these riveting tales and travel through time, staying in a Pousada luxury inn that served for many centuries as a convent or palace. 

Appreciate the Portuguese fine art of hosting visitors and prepare to be treated like a king.
Feel the rhythm of the cities and discover their special charms - old neighbourhoods, traditional shops or belvederes offering spectacular sunsets.

Experience other unique sensations for two: a relaxation programme in a spa, a river cruise or a balloon trip is all the more enticing when spent in the right company.

Come to Portugal and experience a great romance. We'll take care of the settings. Enjoy your stay!

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