Solares de Portugal: Special places to stay!

Solares de Portugal is a unique concept that was introduced  to promote quality tourist accommodation in houses of character “Turismo de Habitação” and, at the same time, preserve the rich legacy of Portugal’s architectural and cultural heritage.

It is important to emphasise that Solares de Portugal are not hotels or guesthouses. They are privately-owned stately manor houses, elegant country homes and rustic farmhouses. Some of them were once in decline but today they are restored to their former glory and are open to guests who are treated as part of the family.

 The Solares represent centuries of Portuguese history and culture. The majority of the   grandiose 17th and 18th century houses are still in the ownership of the descendants of the founding family.

The owners will greet you with a warm welcome and during your stay share their knowledge about local places of interest, regional gastronomy, festivals and traditions.
 Situated in some of Portugal’s most picturesque locations the Solares de Portugal nestle within large estates surrounded by style gardens, vineyards that produce delicious in-house wines, fruit orchards and woodlands.

Leisure facilities on offer include horse-riding, tennis, walking, a swimming pool, and games rooms. Meeting rooms and conference rooms are also available in several houses. In the evenings, the best of regional cuisine and wines are on the dinner table.

The Solares are arranged in three distinct groups and each house is inspected and certified according to strict criteria to ensure a high standard of comfort and hospitality.

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