Easter mini-holidays in Portugal

©Turismo do Alentejo
Make the most of the Easter mini-holidays and discover Portugal with the whole family together!

Portugal has everything you need to make this a great trip: there’s a wide variety of tours available, entertainment to suit all ages, a mild climate and a country where you can feel entirely safe. 

Discover how we celebrate Easter in Portugal by visiting Porto and the North for the Holy Week festivities in the city of Braga, or travel south and appreciate the beauty of the Festivity of the Sovereign Mother and Festivity of the Flowered Torches in the Algarve

If you prefer something more active, travel to the Alentejo region and discover the various itineraries and routes on offer. Alternatively, visit Lisbon’s Parque das Nações that offers fun for the whole family. 

Another relaxing Easter break option is a trip to the Slate Villages, or one of the magnificent “Quintas da Madeira” country estates or a rural tourism house in the Azores… all offering the finesse and tradition of Portuguese hospitality

We urge you to accept our invitation and let yourself be seduced by the Spring in Portugal. 

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