Portugal will host the BikingMan World Championship for its first time, featuring the cycling potential of Algarve and Alentejo regions

Portugal: the 5th stage of the BikingMan World Series: 950 kilometers, 11,500 meters of elevation gain, 1 stage!

BikingMan Portugal is the 1st unassisted ultracycling race of the Lusitania region. 80 top endurance athletes from around the globe (20 different countries) will be gathered to race in complete autonomy from Faro to Faro. 

Starting and finishing at Jardim Manuel Bivar (Faro, Algarve) on September, Monday 23rd at 5:00 am, all participants will cycle Solo or as teams of two.

The race course has been designed to explore the Algarve, the many fortified cities of the
Alentejo along the Spanish border, the Atlantic coast to reach the most extreme Western point of Europe and finally the Monchique mountain range. All participants will have to follow a mandatory course with two checkpoints to be reached in a limited time to avoid disqualification:
- KM 333 : Checkpoint 1 Pousada de Vila Viçosa
- KM 689 : Checkpoint 2 Pousada de Sagres

They will ride non-stop (unstaged race), carry their water/food/repair on their bicycle, manage their rest time and will need to remain unassisted from the start to the finish. As they will ride day and night, they will have to face the challenging terrain of the Algarve mountains, the wind of the western Atlantic coast and isolated roads. The 950 km need to be completed under 120 hours.

20 different countries gathered around a manpowered extreme adventure!

From elite to passionate cyclists, the BikingMan is open to everyone who loves riding a bicycle and exploring new territories. Still, the competition will be intense with the leaders of the championship attending and who are targeting a 40 hours objective to complete the 950
kilometers without sleeping. The performance of the first athletes who will reach Faro will most likely be a world record time for covering such a distance in Algarve and Alentejo. 10 women and 70 men will be on the starting line. From USA to South America and Asia, athletes from around the world will soon explore Portugal.

The “unsupported” element of the event limits the number of cars on the road and help to
promote a growing need for eco and sports tourism in the region. All participants need to search, find and buy food/water/hotel on the road which will guarantee:
- an exploration of the typical Portuguese lifestyle in rural areas
- the experience of the Portuguese gastronomy on the road
- the discovery of some of the most epic architectural cities such as: Faro, Estoi, Mértola,
Vila Viçosa, Evora, Sagres, Monchique…

Each participant will be equipped with a GPS tracker, which will allow to livetrack her/his position on the race website at all time: 

The race village at Jardim Manuel Bivar is open to the public and to everyone willing to witness the amazing feat of the participants. The fastest cyclists will reach Faro by Tuesday 24th at 8:00 PM!

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