Facebook Community City Guides for Lisbon and Porto

After last year Facebook launched the Facebook Community City Guide from Lisbon, now they have published a new guide dedicated to the city of Porto.

Lisbon Guide:
"With a rich social and urban history, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, has become a city that is is full of verve, where new brands are popping up in historical neighbourhoods, creating new hotspots for tourism, business and innovation. To help showcase both sides of Lisbon, we have divided this guide into two: Traditional Lisbon and Contemporary Lisbon...These are the stories of real people, with a passion for art, sports, food, innovation and for the neighbourhoods they live in. People who are divided between past and present, but above all else, as a collective, passionate about Lisbon."

Download the English guide here Download the Portuguese Guide here

Porto Guide: 

"Today, Oporto is a city at a particular buzzing point: it’s a tourist spot beloved by travellers from all over the world and, simultaneously, a space with a complex social and urban history. This guide reflects this day-to-day dichotomy, featuring both the communities that are fervently dedicated to the city’s forgotten history and those looking for the new spaces that are changing it. This project aims to show Oporto through this experience, by showing both of the city’s faces: “Traditional Oporto” and “Trendy Oporto.” It will give you a modern perspective of the city as well as the necessary historical context...Torn between past and future, these communities seek to impact the city in a positive way, always driven by passion for a place called Oporto."

Download the English guide here
Download the Portuguese Guide here

"What Are Facebook Community City Guides?
Billions of people use Facebook every day to connect and build communities. On this website you will find city guides, which have been created by people who have built communities, about their home cities, using Facebook Groups. All the recommendations and words are those of the people who run the local Groups, giving their unique local perspectives about the things they love in their city."

(Source: Facebook Community City Guides site)

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