Portugal wants you: For a great vacation in 2020

The recent award from the World Travel Awards, which considered Portugal the World’s Best Destination, for the third time in a row, has just confirmed the current trend, also acknowledged by many guides, travel writers, bloggers and the media from around the world specializing in travel and tourism. And do you know why Portugal has been on everyone’s lips? Portugal has seven regions, which in itself indicates that there is a lot to visit and get to know, but we have at least 10 reasons why it is a good choice to visit in 2020:

1. The cities, Lisbon and Porto
If you have only a few days, Lisbon and Porto are two very attractive cities. Lisbon is a city with a special radiance, which comes from the Tagus river and the proximity of the sea. Porto, an ancient city, whose historic centre has been classified as World Heritage, is the point of arrival of the River Douro, on whose valley slopes the famous Port wine is cultivated.

2. Sun, Beach and Sea
The presence of the Atlantic Ocean and the climate, with very sunny summers and mild winters make Portugal a destination renowned for sun and sea and walks on the beach throughout the year. In fact, the Portuguese coast is almost a single beach extending more than 850 km and offering a diversity of landscapes.

3. Walking and cycling trips
The Natural Parks and Reserves, Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves recognised by UNESCO have ensured that Portugal is also a destination very appreciated for enjoying outdoor activities, like trails on foot or by bike
4. Paths of Faith
The Portuguese Road to Santiago and the Paths of Fátima are increasingly sought out by those who like walking a purpose, focusing on knowledge, nature and culture. The Jews have also left their mark, particularly in Central Portugal, providing another reason for exploration.

5. Surfing

On the mainland and in the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores alike, the Portuguese coast offers great waves every day. Surfers of all types find it here a large number of spots, like Peniche, Nazaré or Ericeira, that makes surfing a 365 days a year activity in Portugal. 

6. Music Festivals

Music festivals can be a good excuse to come to Portugal. The choice is yours, depending on what music you like, there are international festivals near to cities, in a rural environment, next to the river, or in combination with some nice days at the beach.

7. Golf
Portugal is internationally renowned as a golf destination, having won the award for best golf destination in Europe and the world, at the World Golf Awards, for several times.  Excellent courses in stunning settings like the Algarve and Lisbon regions, a mild climate all year round and the friendly welcome given to golfers, makes Portugal an amazing destination for golf.

8. World Heritage

The 25 classifications in Portugal portray the history, culture and tradition of the country, its people and the peoples that have inhabited the land since time immemorial. 

9. Gastronomy and Wines
Portuguese gastronomy and it´s chefs are greatly appreciated. The country’s location and the proximity of the Atlantic explain the prominence, which is given to fish and seafood. These taste even better when enjoyed with the huge variety of top quality table wines, and ended with a Port or Madeira, accompanied by a Pastel de Nata. 

10. The People...

One of the things that tourists notice most when they visit us, is the hospitality and friendliness of the Portuguese, who are always ready to help if they are stopped on the street and asked for information. 

Portugal awaits you in 2020. Happy New Year!

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