It’s time to read Portugal

It’s time to travel without leaving home. It’s time to wait, along with the whole world, for the next chapter. It’s time to read Portugal.

We are told that we are in a time of confinement, that it is time to stay at home. But this may also be a time to free your imagination and let your thoughts fly. In other words, it is the best time to catch up on reading!

Go back and find your favourite authors, review the stories that touched you in some way. Discover other worlds and other visions of this world. Let the Portuguese authors be with you for now. You already know some of them, but you’ll be surprised by others.

Get inspired by the sentence and discover... the writer, the work, how the Portuguese culture is present in the writing, and how Portuguese literature is universal and speaks of what exists in each one of us.

Look for these authors at your online bookstore. If you want to know which books are published in your country, you can search the online catalogue of the Directorate-General for Book, Archives and Libraries.

Good readings!

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