It's Time to Stop and Explore Portugal from Home

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation that all the world 🌍 is facing now, at the moment we can’t welcome you into Portugal. As the situation progresses, we know that travel plans have changed, but we’ll all need something to look forward to once this is over. So, in the meantime, we’re going to be bringing a bit of our country straight to your inbox, and keep sending you love and inspiration from Portugal πŸ˜‰. We know it’s not as good as being here, but don´t forget that after the rain always comes the sun 🌈 For now, please remember to keep safe and stay healthy! And when the time comes for travel, we will be here, waiting for you with open arms πŸ˜‰

Here are some #VisitPortugalFrom🏑 ideas for you to explore:

What about some books for discovering Portugal?
Since now it’s time to travel without leaving home, it´s the perfect time to… Read Portugal
To inspire you, we suggest a simple list of stories that take place in Portugal and books that can be a guide to help you prepare you’re a future itinerary here. But most of all, it is meant to be just the beginning of your own personal list of discovery of the country through writing and literature. Check the content “Books for discovering Portugal” for details.

But if you prefer a more visual content, well, let us take you on a tram ride from your sofa πŸ˜‰ Trams are ideal to get to know some of Lisbon’s most interesting historical and architectural heritage sites, and the most well-known of these is Route 28 (“ElΓ©trico 28”), which starts at Martim Moniz and terminates at Campo de Ourique. So, join us on this tram journey through the historical neighbourhoods of this city of light.


And have you been to Portugal? We’re sure you have pictures of the trip. Well, now’s the time to look at them again. While you were in Portugal, you probably visited a monument that is also a World Heritage site. The Portuguese World Heritage is evidence of many centuries of the country's history and culture, but also of universal history. In every city, monument and landscape there are countless stories and memories that make these places special. But heritage also exists in each of us, in our past, in the stories we keep with us. We all carry stories, which must be known, valued and preserved. Now that you´re home, share your picture with us and the story behind it. You could win a prize! Have a look on our #HeritageToShare competition. We count on you to tell us your stories!  

These are just some suggestions that allows you to explore Portugal #FromHome🏑, but you can find more travel inspiration for later on our website @visitportugal and our social media platforms, so #StayHome🏑, but don´t forget that It’s time also to dream of those amazing days to come. For when those days arrive, we will say again: #visitportugal #cantskipyesterday #cantskiptomorrow  #cantskiphope

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